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  • Right, this might not be massively popular but I thought it might be worth a go.
    Going to set a daily 10 minute challenge that anyone can do, just a bit of fun to take your mind off things using things most people have lying around the house. Hopefully I can lead by example by showing that it doesn't matter if your work isn't great!

    Day 1, self portrait.
    Sit in front of a mirror and set a timer. Here is a very honest 10 minute (bloody hell that went fast!) job.

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  • Good idea.
    Back in 10 minutes.

  • Almost a good thing there'll be plenty of time for practice...

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  • Full marks for not running out of time!

  • "the defence made the point that the accused was part of a larger ring.. "

  • Beige paper and chalk highlights for court sketches - this is more specialized fine art.

  • Today’s challenge.
    10 minute study of an item on your desk.

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  • yesterday's challenge

  • That's really nice.

  • Amp remote

  • Double whammy! Good effort.

  • I’m in.

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  • Time I looked for a pencil...
    also a camera better than the thing built into the lid of a 10yo laptop.

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  • Fantastic. High standards already!

  • *edit double post

  • Great idea, I'm in. I'll do the portrait at some point too.

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  • Time really runs away doesn't it.

  • Enjoy this very much.

  • Time really runs away doesn't it.

    Tell me about it! I have to set a timer otherwise I’d go way over (hence half a portrait).

  • Lovely stuff!

  • I did this and was strict, the pen went down as the buzzer buzzed

  • Great idea. Here’s mine

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  • Yesterday’s challenge. 10 mins to the dot. Whoever said copywriters can’t draw were obviously telling the truth.

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  • These are all great for only ten minutes.

  • Today’s challenge.
    10 minute drawing of a scene - room/garden/view from window etc.

    10 minutes goes fast!

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LFGSS Art Club.

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