Shading in sky, Canon 600D

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  • I am reasonably happy with my 600D but one of its weaknesses shows up when I take shots with a bright sky. I get a shaded upper edge, almost as if the shutter is not clearing the sensor. I have searched online for clues as to what is happening and whether I can avoid it, but with no success.

    Does anyone here know about such things? I’d be grateful for ideas.

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  • Have you tried testing different shutter speeds to see if thats the problem?

  • It happens only at fast shutter speeds, typically with a bright sky and wide aperture.

  • Does it vary by lens used?

  • Ah, good question. I think I have only noticed this when using my ancient 80-200mm lens.

  • Using any filters?

  • Nope

  • Wrong lens hood?
    Sticky aperture blades?

    Actually a bit stumped.

    Photograph a even colour, evenly lit wall perhaps just to eliminate the possibility it’s a software/sensor thing.

  • The funny thing is that, in some shots, it works like a gradient filter and is quite nice, but it’s clearly a fault of some sort. I just wish it was serious enough to justify getting a new camera!

  • Sounds like sticky shutter blades tbh. Check and see if they look greasy?

  • That’s 100% a shutter issue.

  • Thanks all - I will see if there is anything visibly awry with the shutter. And then maybe buy a new camera...

  • Worth trying different lenses first. Although if the lens turns out to be the problem you'll have to think of another excuse to buy a new camera...

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Shading in sky, Canon 600D

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