1995 Campa Shamal hub

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  • Hello,

    I'm currently servicing the bearings of a 1995 Campagnolo Shamal front wheel (first gen.) and face a couple issues.
    1- the point where the cone nut is properly tighten is so deep into the hub that you can't reach it even with the slimest of cone wrenches, making the bearings ajustment almost impossible.
    2- on one side, the oil port is rotating and moving up and down (still attached though). I've never seen a moving oil port on Campy hubs and i'm wondering wether it should be fixed (and how ?)
    3- the axle seems very short (it's the original campy though) even with the cone nut threaded deep into the hub.

    Any help regarding one or more issues would be greatly appreciated !


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  • Dunno if I’m reading this wrong but the oil port you’re referring to, is that the bit in the photo?

  • Hi, yes it's the circular part with the small hole in it. It's a regular feature on Campy hubs (on the higher end) but on most older models it's thinner than this one and don't really add hub depth like this one does.

  • I always thought that was a dust cap and the hole was there to help pop it off. Can’t see why you would oil anything in that part and it would help you get to the cones.

    They definitely come off. I’ve rebuilt 2 pairs of these hubs in the last couple of years and that part was removed from what I remember

  • Thanks. The oil port actual utility has been regularly questioned... some say it was used in the old days on very precise situations (minutes before a time trial for instance, to get optimum bearing lubrification over a short period of time).
    Never dared to remove these things, but will try !
    Do you have any advice on the cone nut adjustment with that type of depth ? > look on this vid at 1'29'' to know what i mean (no room for a cone wrench isn't it ?)


  • I've got some shamals with these hubs and just had a look, theres no chance of getting anything in there, you just have to get the cap off. I popped it off by sticking something in the gaps I seem to remember.

    this is the specific tool for the job, https://www.euroasiaimports.com/ProductC­art/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=11421&idcat­egory=1732

    you could probably find a cheaper puller of some kind or make your own.

    for reference, these are campagnolo c record hubs, if you want to do some more research you might find a bit more

  • Thanks. The mandatory cap removal makes total sense i guess.
    And yeah i had read somewhere they were C-Record, thanks for confirming this.
    This should help me a lot ! Thanks again.

  • Hi again, i'm suddenly wondering wether the bearings balls size i found in the hub are the right ones (i got the wheel second hand) : 9 x 7/32 on each side... Same as 70s / 80s Record iirc. Does that seem alright ? Cheers

  • I wouldn’t know that off the top of my head but I do know Campagnolo loose bearing hubs and headsets etc can be pretty wacky and can have different bearing sizes on each side and that kind of thing, so you do need to make sure you get it right.

    This looks like a good source of info to answer your question but I would cross reference it with somewhere else to make sure it’s correct. And get your verniers out to be double sure


  • You either have the wrong cone or the wrong ball size to get the cone to sit too far in. The cover is a dust shield. Oil port hole is the centre if the shell.

  • Thanks. Good to know about the Campa peculiarities, will definitely double check and cross reference with as many sources as possible.

  • Thanks @cycleclinic. Didn't think about a wrong cone, but it could be as they're second hand, will check that as well. I was convinced the hole was an oil or grease port (why drill a dustcap then ?) but it comes from internet researches not old days mechanics, so this may be wrong of course. Maybe a sort of exit for grease / oil excess when the wheel is moving ? Cheers.

  • I doubt it’s the wrong cone. My front hubs are exactly the same. I think it’s form over function

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1995 Campa Shamal hub

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