Where to donate money / food / time to

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  • Posted by @ExTra you can help buy NHS workers a nice meal https://www.gofundme.com/f/buy-our-local­-nhs-workers-a-nice-meal using local companies to do so

  • On LFGSS donations for those who will ask... we don't have a lot in the bank, and the GBP exchange rate has just increased costs... but it's OK, I am employed and have a credit card should I need it in the coming months.

    Help those who are on the front line before things like this site.

  • Thank you boss! By the way, I don't have to use Reynold exclusively, but they are the only wholsaler who was willing to deal with a mad person with a crazy idea and can deliver as they have a fleet of vans... if anyone got any contacts to any local small business, please put me in touch.

  • In the "what do you need" thread... https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15168735/­

    A key worker needs someone to help service their bike to ensure it's reliable at this time. They are based somewhere in the East End I think... near Poplar at least.

    If someone has time, tools, and skills it would prove to be a good form of exercise.

  • Donated, NHS dinners and LFGSS

  • Donate blood. Seriously, please do.


    The NHS has less than they would like as a lot of donors are staying away. Donating blood is an exception to the lockdown.

  • For those who can, you should! I absolutely would if it wasn’t for the long terms meds’ I take...

  • I wonder if there's any way for members to responsibly help out with food and supply deliveries to isolated peoples


  • I've done a bit of research (e.g. this Founder's pledge blog post) on this and if you want to help out globally I'd recommend giving to the John Hopkins Center for Health Security. Also, they do important other work trying to prevent things like this occurring again.

  • I want to do this by bicycle.
    I have the cargo bike, the fitness, and the time.
    How do I achieve this.

    Edit - I have signed up to the GoodSam app and program as in the link just above.
    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for posting it!
    Will do as many shifts as I can.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, please holler!

  • I guess being severely asthmatic, it's not a good idea to join, is it? But have bike can cycle and all that...

  • My son works for the local council as an enforcement officer . Obviously they are not enforcing parking /traffic fines atm. His department has been deemed critical workers and been given different work to do. He has been working in a temporary call centre fielding calls from people/ organisations offering help / food for vulnerable people. If you have time/ skills etc you could try the local council offices......
    Today Fulham football club called to say they had a lot of food from the training centre that would otherwise go to waste , a van was sent and food parcels went out to elderly/ vulnerable people!

  • https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS

    Yep, great app that was born in London and usually helps with CPR and saving lives throughout the world, incredible to see it transformed so fast to crowdsource - do sign up if you can

  • Does anyone know if the above goodsam volunteering will be doable by bicycle? It asks about transport for delivering things. I want to sign up but obviously can’t move a ventilator or a large shopping run by bike

    Have signed up anyway in case I’m able to help

  • Yep not a good idea - but you might be able to help with admin as unsatisfying as that may be

  • I will have a proper look later... just thouoght there might be good excuses to go out and about... but anything help...

  • And this is my daily bump to any fundraising / helping the NHS / blood donation bumpy bump... just read the whole thread, it's not that long! Have a good morninng everyone.

  • Interested in how you get on.

  • Has anyone found any info on possible ways to volunteer by bike since the lockdown rules were released? @PhilDAS @platypus

  • Not yet. I did sign up for the NHS volunteer drive posted above and have just received my confirmation today so I’ll take a look and hopefully come back with more info

  • So the fundraising is going well, not as well as some other ones, but THANK YOU!!!

    Ayone got any lead to some cakes / treats companies? I think we are now in a position to be able to afford some new treats as well as the essentials. I spoke to a company that regularly gives away free treats to other companies (like almost past best before, overspilt stocks from brans etc), after sending me on a merry go round, they refused to help. Fair enough, I will just refuse to support them. Fair game. Anyway... any suggestions?

    Here is my shameful reminder of the linke:


  • https://news.redcross.org.uk/6CPZ-UMD-KQ­H33-DCMY-1/c.aspx

    Another way to help round Deptford or Ashford

  • You can donate to foodbanks easily (either as a one-off or set up a standing order) via http://www.bankuet.co.uk

    Good thing is that certain goods are being given when the foodbanks actually need them rather then just giving them random things that are just filling up their warehouse to go off.

    I know my local foodbank -Norwood and Brixton- relies on it.

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Where to donate money / food / time to

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