Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • The shirtless blooded guy who just dropped his pants in front of armed officers just down my street seemed to have something

  • It's ~30 years since I've been to E'mbra.
    EDIT - About 10 years, actually, but on that occasion I was passing in and out of Waverley, on my way to John O'Groats.
    But Grassmarket looks as lovely as ever.
    I still miss the passing of the brush shop.

    ETA - just realised that Robert Cresser's Brush Shop was at 40 Victoria Street and not Grassmarket.

  • But Grassmarket looks as lovely as ever.

    it definitely doesn't look like this normally! From this point in the year on its baws-deep in tourists, taxis and tour buses until September. Have to say I'm enjoying seeing the city centre so calm and peaceful-if also empty and eerie-for a change, it's a totally novel experience.

  • Perfect tyres for the cobbles and potholes of Edinbraaa!

  • Anyone else out riding when the clap for carers happened?

    Anyone else feel that's the closest they'll ever get to knowing what it feels like to win a race?

    Just me then.

  • Not just you, it happened to me a fortnight back. The fact that I was carrying roughly 40kg of shopping didn't stop me from feeling like a TdF stage winner (the Sagan-style wheelie attempt didn't go well).

  • Yep. Noticed this today in particular whilst out for a run, spotted the same riders twice on my route.

  • Good to know, tried to woohoo but just wheezed as I was out of breath, wasn't a strong look.

    Ended up slapping my thigh/arse as I rode through Sydenham which to be honest kinda hurt.

    Must work on no hands riding clap.

  • Sure beats the usual 25mm GPs on 48x18.. although I’ve crashed way more on this bike weirdly enough.

  • Yeah, usually avoid The Grassmarket/Royal Mile if I can help it but it looks fucking ace with nobody there.

  • Yep happened to be riding through Barbican for the first one people did and took a few seconds to work out what was going on. In my head I was just over the crest of Tourmalet to win the polka dot jersey.

  • Ye me too, kinda wanted to wave back to my supporters but thought better of it

  • As a key worker I've been commuting further than usual by bike recently.
    On the way home I go through RP which I'm entitled to do. Today was the first time I've been stopped by the police and had to show my letter, virtually every other day a jogger has questioned me.
    I know people are bored etc, but it doesn't make them the authority.

  • Considering how badly loads of people are ripping the arse out of lockdown elsewhere it's totally pointless aggravation too. If you saw some of the shit people are pulling up in Edinburgh it would probably boil your piss...

    Dickheads are gonna dickhead, if not in RP then somewhere else.

  • Saying that, had quite a pleasant ride out of town, lambs cavorting, birds singing, gammons gammoning, walkers dominating entire carriageways because who else would be using it but them?

    Also a mob of French tourists which seemed strange but got home and sure enough, city bus tours still operating.

    Zut alors cette vacance de Covid, c'est merveilleuse 👍

  • Well, it seems the pandemic is over, at least judging by how many people were out and about yesterday, visibly not excercising nor doing essential shopping.

  • Yep, took my boy out for a pootle around town yesterday - Thames barrier, Greenwich, Tower Bridge etc - and felt very much like "business as usual" but with face masks. Certainly didn't have the "ghost town" feel of a few weeks ago.

  • Don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I lose track of the day, and completely missed it was Close Pass Friday (sponsored by
    Not sure if this marks a return to the ‘new normal’ but sure felt like the ‘old normal’ with little love for cyclists much in evidence.
    But I did get out on this for 90 mins in the sun and with new wheelset courtesy of the very amazing Ricki Pankhurst

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  • Get the feeling van drivers' natural tendency to think the roads belong to them has increased since there's so few other (motor) vehicles around.

  • Well, indeed.
    And grocery delivery, builder, landscaper, gardener, self employed van occupants, etc. appreciate need to work and that can, ok, drive about.
    That you should drive like cunts, i hate you into a grave. Nothing has changed and nothing has been learnt.
    Two weeks from now and it’ll be ‘fucking cyclists I pay my road tax where’s your helmet Daily mail tosser rants’

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  • Lol at sportive medal 🥈

  • The hidden 'TT' in this is a bit of a giveaway that this is really testers hitting back against bunch riding.

  • Wales is tightening the exercise rules. You can only cycle the equivalent of a reasonable walk from your front door.
    Rules for Wales

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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