Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • Went out for a quick spin to Kent earlier today.
    Had to take it easy as I haven’t been on a bike for over three weeks (normally I cycle 1.5- 2.5 hours every single day).
    The lanes were busy’ish (during late afternoon) with cyclists and walkers, but all were being considerate to each other, which was quite reassuring.
    Went up the Ide Hill and a few others in the area (Brasted), done some bridle ways, which were empty with an exception of a runner with two Labradors. We both spotted each from a distance, I moved away from the track and he genuinely thanked me for this.
    All in all it was a beautiful sunny and stress free ride.
    Stay safe and think positive!

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  • I saw and waved at you on layhams!

  • Wonderful couple of days on the bike, heading out early, staying local and discovering new routes.

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  • Few photos from the last couple of days of riding... empty roads, empty forests

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  • That's great news, wasn't aware of that. Was considering going up there but I was worried it might be pretty busy and a bit of a headache. Will head up at some point

  • Hope I have nodded or waved back to you ;)

  • you did, lovely day for a ride

  • It definitely was!
    I was rolling on a pair of 40c tyres which made riding on tarmac quite laborious, but it was a good fun on bridle ways and single track.

  • Out in the Fens, nutters still be nutters.

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  • Fens


  • The people I see get on & off the train at Thetford could explain just about any conceivable level of weirdness

  • Everyone I met out on the roads today - cyclists, walkers, runners, motorists alike - all seemed happy enough to see me, as I was to see them. Plenty of berth wideness given, smiles and waves as we slowed to allow for wide overtakes. Kites seemed happy too, not much other wildlife to be seen on this rather cool blustery day.

  • Went out for a spin about 9 last night. It was surreal- I kept thinking how weird it was

    Trafalgar Square & Piccadilly Circus were empty

    Did a few circles at the Oxford traffic lights

    I’d highly suggest a night ride. Great experience

  • I know what you mean. Of course Coveney has now become a must-visit destination for all cyclists in the area. A kind of two-wheeled Mecca.

  • Do you mean Home park or Bushy?
    I believe both to be open to bikes atm .
    But HC itself is shut

  • That sounds like a great business opportunity for a cycling café.

  • Here's more on speeding:­pr/13/increase-in-speeding-incidents-on-­uks-quiet-lockdown-roads

    On vocabulary, I find it interesting that the headline has 'motorists' as a collective term, but the article has 'driver' only in the singular.

  • In it there is also a line suggesting traffic levels back to those of the mid fifties, I was wondering how far back we’d have to go for these levels. I’ve just got back in from my daily exercise and my view is that cars are travelling more quickly than normal (even allowing for the quiet roads). My impression is that cars overtaking are more considerate but that oncoming cars are going faster.

  • Would concur, passing is generally more accommodating, approaching cars not so much, a few c**tish tailgaters but there’s a tendency to speed up after passing.
    In other news though, was undertaken by a little shit on a shitty mountain bike, as we gave a wide berth to some peds. Irresponsible sprint catchup to point out his twatish behaviour was blanked /attempt to ignore me. Fucktard.

  • Sadly the sign was gone by the time I got out for a ride. Did a cloverleaf-shaped ride, going through Coveney three times. Did lots of panting. I was wearing a red top, so I've called the ride 'Panting the town red' on Strava.

  • The eyes at the top really tie the sign together.

  • Yep, that's the Mk2 version. The first version didn't have the eyes or the weird red highlighting. Ironically, they both became short-lived must-see venues for all the local cyclists.

  • already posted this in garden thread but probably better suited here. My answer to self isolation

  • Saturday midday on the road from Kingston Bridge up to Hampton Court I was overtaken by 4 cyclists (no club jerseys) riding on each other's wheels - they passed within a metre of me.

    How can people be such morons?

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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