Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • Cycled into town today for bit of cardio. The supermarkets all had quite large queue making the high streets look alot busierthen they actually were.
    The real shocker was battersea park..absolutely heaving. I think it only a matter of time until its closed.

  • Scoblebrick?

  • Hot tip: don't film it.

  • Forum approved standard of measuring height difference between your arse and your elbow.

  • Brickage considered optimum

  • Here you go, I was cycling in my house and not even asking for any money­/

  • Have been riding out each day to find the steepest* climb or combination of, that’s no more than 30 mins away as a. I’m super flabulous and gasping-unfit and want to keep to c.60 mins out, b. as a result always avoid them because of a, c as I mostly am commute not aero so have bieks that were heavy in the 1940’s and d. am lucky to live in the Chilterns so not really going to struggle like it’s the Hague to find something upwards at some point.
    (*hills! Ha! Gentle gradients more like for most on here. Fucking lung-busting occasions for me usually.)
    Has worked so far, insofar as confirming I could do with losing at least 25 kg, while being passed by people out walking their 200 year old Labradoodles.

  • I went out in disguise yesterday (civies on top of bibs) to see if it would attract less unwanted attention from militant Surrey car drivers. First, third and sixth car that passed me did a deliberately close pass, followed by a truck that passed so close and fast it nearly blew me into the ditch on the lane. I think I'm going to call that a no.

  • You got cameras? I'm still shopping all these dickhead drivers to the cops.

  • Clockwise, controversial

  • Yeah, I'm left-handed

  • I can't ride left handed -- as the recently departed Bill Withers nearly said.

  • Went for a ride on the weekend and some dickhead fully lycraed up and a stunning bike rode right up next to me at the lights on Holloway road. Asked him to keep his distance as there was plenty of space and got told to 'fuck off, stay indoors '. How do people still have this attitude?

  • Wow, how do people get away with that

  • Did you punch them in the cock?

  • Wow. Was he wearing any club colours ?

  • Cameras. You could've had yourself a youtube hit.

  • No. Conversely, I had a really nice ride today and despite a lot more cars and people out I had no unwanted attention whatsoever.

    I think it’s worth riding a few routes because you can work out where you can and can’t go with regards to encountering loads of people. Unfortunately, the places where I see the fewest people is where all the ass-hat drivers are, on the Surrey/Hampshire transition.

  • Perhaps the better way is just running in the street, on your own or at least with sufficient distance.

    I mean I'd do that in a heart beat. But I wouldn't survive long doing it.

  • tho

  • Yeah I only realised this after I'd called him a c#@£ alot and then dropped him (ridden a different way)

  • Oh, hello colleague.

    It's a small world etc etc.

    In the first 2 weeks of the 1 daily exercise ration, I managed 10 days. Had a nice 90 minute mtb ride last night starting at sunset; was planning a similar ride tonight but ended up spending the time mechanicing instead.

  • Noticed that parking is now banned at regents park, which makes a big difference.

    I watched with glee as they rozzers ticketed some cunt who always goes for a cruise with his ferrari to the inner circle and just hangs out admiring it.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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