Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • My point was probably a broader one, which is the mistrust that Johnson has created by unclear messaging, moving goalposts and a slowness to repsond - often despite the advice he's getting. He has consistently puts his own twist on the advice he has received to suit his agenda. Many people have followed government advice for the last two weeks, only to find it change within a day or two. There is a complete lack of clarity and detail in last night's announcement, borne out by Gove's pathetic appearance on R4 this morning.

    In that context, I would question anyone's claim a) that they know what is or is not included in "one form of exercise a day such as a run, walk or cycle" and b) that this is the detailed and specific advice of "public health officials with years of experience including dealing with pandemics".

  • We might need a list to inform this...

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  • By the way, I'm not advocating one thing or another, I'm just being honest and saying that I don't know what the best thing is to do, and that doesn't need to be the case.

  • In my opinion, based on the information that I have, this is different because in this case these measures are what the experts have been calling for for weeks and the PM has been ignoring. This is a capitulation to what the best informed people have been asking for for some time. This is not something he has twisted.

    I do agree with your point though.

  • Which is encouraging, but still lacking in detail

  • My 2p

    I’m desperate to ride out, but quite worried about doing so. The driving around here has become increasingly sketchy over the last week or so. I think many drivers are more distracted than normal and the number of people I’ve seen driving whilst on phones has increased too. Also, the general anxiety everyone is feeling, combined with being behind the wheel, seems to lead to more aggression on the roads. It’s a bad combination.

    I hate it and it’s really pissing me off, but it just seems safer to exercise in a controller environment.

  • How many years?
    I've got a couple. I wouldn't recommend riding a bike outside for more than two hours. tops. At my current bike fitness that would be up beddlestead, turn left, turn left again, home.

    I asked my 9 year old. She reckoned an hour to be out tops. She has no public health experience. Still fairly sensible advice.

    It's not just you binning it, it's you spreading it. (not you, personally, but people) And also the point about the drivers seeming distracted. FUCK doing the lanes right now with multiple delivery drivers winging it.

    Edit: ffs this thread moved fast.
    Also edit: I'm not being pissy with you!

  • If you are riding a bike I find it difficult to see how you could meaningfully spread it. Unless you stop and cough in someones face, or sneeze / spit on a stainless railing that someone then touches. It just seems so unlikely. If you were asymptomatic and bin it then the services attend then yeah, maybe, but lets face it, they aren't going to attend unless you've broken your neck / back.

    Compared to the situation when in a supermarket or gas station where yeah everyone is gonna get that shit.

    That said, it would be good to understand more about how doing various things stacks up in terms of possible transmission.

    But yeah if the anecdotes on the way people are driving right now are anything to go by heck I'm going for a run.

  • Exactly that. It boils my piss how readily a majority seems to embrace the idea of draconian total bans on just going outside, while things like supermarkets mostly still aren't running in any meaningfully different way.

  • For my mental health I need to get out on a bike.

    I might be able to set you up with a fixed gear loaner if you get desperate

  • Hopefully your boiling piss will prevent you from going on an extended bike ride.

  • Thanks!

    I have three bikes, two skateboards and a tandem currently.


    Probably not going to be able to ship any of them in the near term.

    @dbr helpfully offered me a sweet set of fixed rollers for when outside gets fully shut down.

  • Hot tip: ride as much as you fucking like and don't fucking tell anyone.
    Those of us who choose not to won't feel the need to berate you for your choice.
    You get a ride in.
    Shut the fuck up. Everybody fucking wins.

    Also: Don't ride. Deal with it. Call us when you can do 1000 pushups or something.
    Shut the fuck up. Everybody wins.

  • Genuine question, who's going to check if people stay out just one hour?

  • I live right by Richmond park which is now closed apart from cyclists and pedestrians? Anyone know how they have closed it, hopefully not by shutting the main gates so you have the squeeze through and touch the turnstiles?

    Would like to go for a walk or cycle later, assuming the lockdown will now mean its quieter in there.

  • Shut the fuck up. Everybody wins.

  • who's going to check if people stay out just one hour?

    You snitch on transgressors

    The curtain twitching is gonna be intense. I'm gonna need a more stealthy pram.

    In all seriousness the police has already shit the bed and said yeah we can't really do this.

  • I don't think I'm better qualified, I'm just having a flashback of what happened here when things started to go upside down.

    Breso is basically posting from our very near future. As has been said, most people are far too selfish to obey the rules and we'll see the definition of exercise pushed to its limits in the next few days. Then they will likely do the full crackdown.

    That said I’m busting to get out for a spin.

  • AI/CCTV/Skynet

  • Echoing the distraction, almost got run over and sworn at by DPD driver yesterday on the high street

  • You’re making the political argument to not cycle? I think I understand and it’s a fair point.

    It’s important that there isn’t the appearance of massed group leisure cycling in order for it to still be politically viable in few weeks time.

  • I'm going for a run.

    Today, the same.

  • #hippyisalwaysright

  • I live right by Richmond park which is now closed apart from cyclists and pedestrians? Anyone know how they have closed it, hopefully not by shutting the main gates so you have the squeeze through and touch the turnstiles?

    At Roehampton Gate the pedestrian gates were open this morning - I engaged lots of very demonstrative deference to others going through to maintan adequate distancing, and it seemed okay. A reasonable amount of people going round, not enough to cause any distancing issues, but it was early doors when it was still a bit chilly. I had a very restrained lap around on my winter fixed bike and back home for an hour on the nose, and felt a lot better for it after not leaving the house for several days. Looking forward to fixing my turbo up though.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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