Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • fucking hell @PhilDAS thanks a bunch!

  • You're all welcome in Watopia!

    Except @PhilDAS in case he gets us banned from there too.

  • I have never ridden a bike before this week. Just like building them

  • I mean yeah. I went once for an hour but sure. Suppose I contributed despite being on my own and it actually being fairly quiet when I was there

  • I can't afford to cycle indoors anyway

  • Get that sweet Rapha 100% discount!

  • Haven't seen any smart trainers with 100% discount unfortunately

  • I know it's not cycling but you should hear the whining from the local tennis players in blackheath and Greenwich now that the local courts have been shut.

    "I don't touch anything" "you can social distance and play tennis!" "I cant give cv19 to somebody by playing tennis" "it's not airborne" "I could wear gloves"

  • ooooh, the problems of living in Blackheath, lol

  • Government have just issued a warning to cyclists to stop taking the piss on rides, at risk of cycling actually being banned.

  • I struggle to understand how we have gone from Patrick Vallance saying there was no major risk from outdoor events like football matches to any cycling being banned in less than two weeks. What is medically necessary and what is a moral panic?

    Side note, but the police drone footage of people walking in the Peak District was ridiculous. I remember seeing footage of drones being used to enforce quarantine in China in the first week in February and everyone on Twitter laughing at what a horrifyingly dystopian society the CCP had created.

  • Ah, they've seen my Strava.

    Do have a link for that?

  • Slight click bait.

    If we keep group cycling and sitting in cafes together after it’ll be banned according to BC

  • where have they threatened to ban cycling?

  • All this because @PhilDAS attempted 3 laps challenge?!

  • I dunno - I just read Stonehedge's comment and took it at face value. Isn't that what we are meant to do now? Is it 'fake news'?

  • He actually said he had done two laps. Keep up.

  • well that's fair enough, but if someone claims the government is 'banning cycling', which would require colossal police effort to enforce, i'm skeptical. so i looked for a recent story and found this, which says 'don't travel to exercise'.

    it links to official government guidance, which basically repeats the message.

  • and sitting in cafes together

    The wardens on Walthamstow marshes today were moving on people who were sitting around doing nothing. Obviously the ideal is for everyone to stay home most of the time, and not spend the day going for a walk/run/cycle because the weather is nice.

  • I'd have a better chance of staying 2m away from someone if I cycled to Epping Forest than if I went for a run round my local park. Equally I would have a better chance of keeping my pre schooler and toddler away from others if I drove out to the Forest and took them for a walk than if I left my front door and walked them down the street.

    I don't see how driving to a destination in anyway reduces the ability to social distance for exercise.

  • spot on dude

  • I don't see how driving to a destination in anyway reduces the ability to social distance for exercise.

    But if everyone decides to do the same in Snowden, Epping or wherever...

  • Then they would probably still be able to socially distance better than if they were jogging in their local park.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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