Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • If you pay for my turbo, gladly.

  • The experts are saying go for a ride, so I've been for ride, it was lovely.

    Why was it lovely? Because the streets were empty?

  • Sorry I can’t, at this point I can only suggest you to stay home if you care about anybody else apart from yourself.

  • Yeah no, I'll go get my exercise in anyway, as anyone with a kernel of sense will encourage you to do. Running rather than cycling in my current case, but that doesn't make a big difference.

  • Nope, I live in the south downs, traffic was just the same as normal.

    It was just a lovely day.

  • Why is this even a debate? We've all been asked to limit our exercise to one session a day, notionally around an hour. That's what people should do.

  • No I want a reason why you reckon you're better qualified to make this call than public health officials with years of experience including dealing with pandemics.

    People should follow the government guidance. If you don't want to, STFU frankly.

  • Mate, let it go. We've been asked to do minimal daily exercise. That might mean none to some people or a quick spin on the bike to others.

    No need to be pissy. Any of you.

  • I have to deliver groceries and essentials to two families in Tottenham. There can't be a better way to get there from Leyton than cycling.

  • That's not cycling for exercise only. That is fine.

  • Yeah, understood. I was trying to suggest the cycling isn't an inherently dangerous activity.

  • The advice is clear. Go for a recreational bike ride, by all means. Training and prolonged exertion puts you at greater risk and should be avoided.

  • And even if you disagree with the official guidance, abide by it.

  • (not aiming this at anybody in particular.)

  • And if being overweight/obese is a factor influencing severity of C19.
    Then for the sake of the NHS, ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike (once daily for an hour)

  • People are too selfish for this kind of light touch personal responsibility rules. I reckon it'll be banned by the end of the week


  • I don't think I'm better qualified, I'm just having a flashback of what happened here when things started to go upside down.

    I can sense the same transition phase happening to you guys, most likely these are decisions taken not to shock the population and give a feeling that "everything is under control".

    Unless something dodgy is going on, when UK will restart Covid19 testing, the numbers will ramp up pretty steeply forcing officials to limit people movements even more.

  • No, sorry, but I'm not being pissy, I'm just fed up of people who think they know better than the experts guilt tripping me because I'm - as you said - doing what we have been asked to do.

    There are lots of good reasons why we're being asked to do what we're being asked to do, including maintaining our mental and physical health.

    I suggest that those who want to guilt trip people focus on those who are not following the government guidance, such as all the muppets who were crowding places out over the weekend.

  • France - Spain

  • No I want a reason why you reckon you're better qualified to make this call than public health officials with years of experience including dealing with pandemics.

    Do you honestly believe the public heath officials are the ones "making this call"?

  • In the case of the lockdown, I know for a fact that Public Health England and the NHS were behind the details of what you can and cant do.

    I know this because it came up in a telephone call I had with them about me returning to the NHS yesterday morning.

  • Well that escalated quickly!
    If people are going to take the piss, then we'll quickly slip into a more draconian lockdown/curfew, and people will take the piss (because individuals gonna individual), until such a time I'm going to get out on the bike for my allotted hour, probably not today, but maybe tomorrow, and then hopefully every day after that until the government says I can't.

  • I reckon we should talk about helmets next.

  • steering well clear of that!

  • John, I'm really sorry about the situation.
    I didn't want to demoralise, the sooner we manage to contain this shit and you'll be in Ozzy with the rest of the family in no time!

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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