Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • What was the conclusion? I'd have said it was well-worth testing, and could probably blag a couple of reasons as to why (IANALinguist)...

  • performance decreased across all measured metrics :(

  • that's a tautology: a metric is measured by definition

  • There's some buttons that pop up at the bottom of the screen- one's a speech bubble.
    Type away.
    That's why there's all that inane chatter throughout any given session.

  • "With all Government guidance pointing towards a period during which the nation is being urged to come together to fight the spread of the virus"

    Poor choice of words.

    The rest, however, is spot on, especially this

    "this is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself."

  • Well seeing as my 26 mile daily commute is now on hold for the foreseeable, I decided to do a 30 minute brisk walk at lunchtime around the local streets and about 3.30 I did a leisurely 75 minutes out towards Carshalton on the roads. Very little traffic, a few cyclists and that was about it really. It was such a beautiful afternoon I couldn’t not go out.

    FWIW I wouldn’t cycle through any park, particularly the major ones, because I think that doesn’t give out a good signal to others. The roads are dead quiet right now so why not use them?

    Also, I’ll go for my 30 minute C25K schedule tomorrow (week 3, yay). I’ll stick to the local park perimeter and give a wide berth to anyone I pass. Incidentally, while I was out walking at lunchtime a runner came towards me and noticeably closed his mouth and stopped panting as he passed. Well done that man.

  • I went out for a very steady 30 miler this afternoon as I’ve been buried in work at home and needed some headspace.

    It was lovely and a much needed tonic. I was ridiculously cautious, but there was some really shit driving going on making things a bit sketchy on occasion. Glad I went out, but will be doing so only when in desperate need.

    Anyway, took this pic. Anyone want a game of guess where?

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  • I went for a 30 minute pootle at about 5pm.
    Usually it's a little fruity getting from my house to the park (couple of miles down the road) with some heavily trafficked roundabouts, today was a ghost town.

    Park was a little busier than usual with people walking about (pairs mainly, the odd family) so I left and hit a longer loop home on the roads to avoid other humans.

    (I'm in Essex)

  • The rest, however, is spot on, especially this

    "this is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself."

    See this I can definitely agree with as well, I think it's a good way of putting it too.

  • . Anyone want a game of guess where?

    Approach to Eagle Heights?

  • I mean with you its almost definitely Kent....

  • shurely belgish, or trapished :) hic

  • Bloody hell, that was quick!

    I’m sending a virtual elbow bump

  • First outdoor ride for a few weeks (remember when all we had to worry about was storms and floods) forgotten how cold it gets on a spring evening. Froze my ears off.

  • That is true.

  • Ah well - the beers I had tonight while video chatting with a Dutch mate will have to have been their own reward.

  • Duthie Park is always a bit weird though...

  • Out for a steady spin this morning. Just a slight obstacle on the bike path at Chiswick bridge. Somehow a lamppost and signpost were also destroyed in whatever happened here.

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  • No cycling in Richmond Park from tomorrow­/1243506442725965824

  • Ive been down to RP a few times this week and noticed the same. People on 10k TT bikes and disc wheels need to chill out

  • are you guys new to RP or something? thats standard issue RP equipment

  • That's kind of the point. Mid summer you expect the thunder of discs rumbling around but when we're supposed to be getting some exercise and otherwise staying indoors, seems a bit dickish to be full TT training as usual considering there's probably no events to enter any time soon anyway

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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