Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • It's been like that since the two schools near the park reopened. It get's quiet again at around 10:00 and then madness resumes at 3PM.

  • Reversion to pre-Covid behaviour feels complete. Outer bits of London and satellite towns a sea of SUVs. Whereas can't recall seeing RP this quiet in a v long time. Regretted riding out of London would have been nicer to just do laps of RP.

  • Two heartening stories.

    A while back, maybe mid-November, cycling along one of the twisting Victorian farm track-based roads that connect Ruislip with the Morissons in Hatch End, I could see ahead of me an unsignwritten small van with its bonnet & front wheels over the solid 'Stop' line.
    Fearing the worst, an untimely attempt to accelerate away from a standing start from an underp0wered vehicle, I slackened the pressure on the pedals and preapred to freewheel.
    To my amazement, the driver reversed a couple of feet to give me the whole carriageway.

    I gave him a hearty thumbs up as I cycled past.

    Second story.
    I had just emerged onto the dual carriageway that splits Staines asunder, and was held by the traffic lights at the junction with the pedestrianised High Street.
    A Black cab pulled up alongside me. This was all I needed, a lecture from a 'professional driver'.
    It was dark, I was on the way home on a ride that would contrbiute to my Festive 500, still with about 22 miles to go, I had lights on the bike, so why was he gesticulating towards the back of my bike? He forgot to drop his window down before he started speaking, so I didn't really understand what he was saying, but, he did not seem apoplectically enraged by my presence on 'his' road.
    I muted my Aeropex headphones and asked him what he wanted.

    He claimed he had seen a bike light on the ground, at the junction where the back road short cut avoids the set of traffic lights for the bridge over the Thames.

    I checked my seat post, and sure enough my Exposure TraceR was missing!

    I thanked him for his concern, and trudged back, expecting to find shattered shards of runover bike light. Remarkably another passerby had noticed it blinking on the roadway and set it on top of a crash barrier.

    Were I to be credulous I would have proclaimed it to be an Xmas miracle.

    Note to self: always double check rear light elasticated strap before setting off.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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