Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • The good weather this weekend meant all the zwifters were out and about, unfortunately they seemed to have forgotten that it's still one other person for exercise.

    Either that or there are a disproportionately high number of men in same sex polyamorous relationships in Devon.

    On a more positive note, fantastic seeing actual families out riding together.

    Given how busy the cyclepaths looked, it felt like if these people started riding on the roads that there might be a cataclysmic change in how the public view bikes.

  • People have been riding in big groups over here in the U.S. since... Well... They just never stopped.

    I'll be fully vaccinated by March 22nd. Is it immoral to try and ride with someone else for the first time since February last year? Not sure. Very conflicted.

  • On a more positive note, fantastic seeing actual families out riding together.

    My only issue with this is how oblivious some parents are about handling their offspring (or themselves). Caught a two-family group yesterday and the parents were all up front chatting leaving the 5 kids at the back swerving all over the place. I think it's great for the kids to be having fun, but at least one parent needs to be at the back and able to tell them to ride along one side for oncoming or passing riders. Likewise, some riders need to accept that you can't go past slower groups without slowing down; super common to see people clipping along sections of the cycle paths frequented by families at full speed.

    TLDR; people need to be more considerate

  • people need to be more considerate


  • (FX: Hippy weaves along the cycle path, skulling cans of DIPA. He chucks the empties at passers-by, shouting 'CONSIDER THIS!')

  • Not sure what the issue would be?

  • Not sure if you've seen, but British Cycling clarified their advice after speaking with DCMS. They've replaced the "stay local/area of the city in which you live etc etc" part with the following:

    "In his response, the Minister for Sport reiterated the importance of exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing, and stressed that riders should remain as local as possible while exercising and use their common sense to determine what is and is not a reasonable distance - reflecting the fact that each individual will have different personal circumstances.

    As a result of this, our recommendation is that you should ride from your front door where possible, ride within your ability and ensure that you are self-sufficient. If you do need to travel for exercise, you should do this as close to home as possible. We all have our part to play in reducing the spread of the virus, and by riding responsibly and taking extra precautions (such as avoiding crowded areas) we’ll be helping to keep ourselves and our communities safe."

    Full link here:­article/20200512-about-bc-news-British-C­ycling-Updated-Coronavirus-Guidance-0

  • clarified

    That's one way to put it

  • Fair: "Obfuscated it even more, but to the point where you can probably justify going out for a bike ride"

  • Did anyone else experience the organised sportive on Beddlestead lane on the weekend? I rolled past about 11am and saw an unmasked man handing out energy bars and gels and encouraging the participants. Are we not still in a bloody lockdown?!

  • Because vaccination aside, the rules are still very clear. No mixing with groups of people from outside your household (where I am anyway). Hence my normal dilemma. I've stuck to the rules the entire time. Don't feel like breaking them now.

  • Ah sorry, just reread your last post and see you're in the US. Yep, fair enough.

  • It wasn't a sportive - the bars/gels etc were branded up to promote a sportive in July. Wolf of Westerham or something? That was the guy doing his marketing for it. Still, don't think that quite counts as "work you are unable to do from home"...

  • Yeah it definitely wasn't a good look seeing large bunches of cyclists grouped together having a feed and a chat. I was quite glad to be on the cross bike yesterday because the roads around Titsey/Biggin hill were heaving.

  • They were very quiet at first light.

  • Accidentally caught a group ride allong regents canal from paddington and finally lost them in a busy camden market.

  • It's getting busy on those roads out there as Lockdown 3 begins to wind down.
    Take care, people.

  • Can't find it on the gov website. Will travelling by train to exercise be allowed from the 1st? I want to take my bike outside of M25.

  • Annoyingly the government don't seem to have published the proper detailed guidance for the 29th yet.

    It will almost certainly be legal, but the guidance will probably say something vague about minimising public transport use, which you can interpret however you wish.

  • I caught a train from Sevenoaks back into London Bridge two weeks ago.
    No comment at either the ticket desk or the (extra wide) exit,
    with the bike clearly visible at both transactions.
    Did wear a facemask for the journey.

  • New rules are up and it actually doesn't say anything about minimising public transport use, just an encouragement to minimise travel in general:­onavirus-restrictions-what-you-can-and-c­annot-do

  • I'll give it a go on Saturday. Let's see how far I get with an MTB.

  • At the junction into Twickenham High Street, of the road from Richmond.
    4 cyclists all waiting to turn right. The wail of an ambulance makes us all stop to let it be the first vehicle through the light change.
    We all set off, only to undertaken by a blue BMW turning right from the left filter!

  • Just been to Richmond park for first time in a couple of weeks. Full of cars. Gridlock from ham gate and constant stream on the other sections that are open to cars. Plus drivers driving up to the closed sections, seeing the no motor vehicles sign, and driving through anyway.

  • I think they are doing laps

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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