Cycling in the time of Corona

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    Are orthopaedic imaging and orthopaedic surgical department doctors not working in that capacity anymore at the moment?

    I agree you definitely had to take an Uber to hospital, even if you broke a bone falling down the stairs in your flat.

  • cold and west

    We're not necessarily more accident prone out here.
    Everyone should also avoid injury in the East, North & South.

  • Are orthopaedic imaging and orthopaedic surgical department doctors not working in that capacity anymore at the moment?

    My hematologist friend has being doing shifts in Covid wards rather than her usual which a few years ago was mostly sickle cell related.

  • I don't actually own a fixed gear bike any more, I just have a tourer. But thinking to get one again. Then I'd be happier sticking to a small radius.
    I could even stick to the snow-capped peaks of SE14/4 where I live, without being ambulance-botheringly far from home.

  • Let’s start with unsafe workplaces, and employers who flout the ‘rule’ and force / coerce employees into situations where lives at placed at risk yeah? Then move on from there.
    Edit. Sorry, not a dig at you but this stuff boils my piss. Of course, wear a mask but fuck me, having walked (on my daily socially distance exercise) past two building sites today with no distancing or masks in evidence. It’s businesses that are swinging the lead and the government is fixated on blaming everyone except them.

  • The 15-minute rule for close contact is arbitrary (based on custom and practice rather than empirical evidence). One-metre or two-metre distancing rules (which are derived as much from economic models of lost productivity as from scientific evidence of protection) do not mean that if people keep within these distances, they are safe. The rules mean only that people farther apart are less likely to infect one another.

    On this basis, surely everyone must wear masks whenever possible, regardless of the activity they're undertaking?

  • Good how that article starts out by quoting the WHO saying masks should not be worn while exercising. I stopped reading.

  • Sure, she’s only an Oxford professor of primary care, famous for teaching how to critically approach scientific literature. No reason to read her thoughts whatsoever.

    Had you read the article, or even the WHO's justification of that statement
    (namely (a) wetness decreases efficacy, and (b) it MAY increase respiratory effort)
    [both of which we have previously discussed on this forum at various points in the mask threads- with me and several others suggesting the inefficacy in the early days- to my chagrin]
    you might reconsider your position.

    Personally- as the Prof Greenhalgh says- its a location based assessment-
    Road/off road riding- on your own out of town- no need- minimal interaction time/ none.
    Towpath riding/ park riding/ running on a busy stretch- probably wear one, yeah.

  • Most likely yes.

    Act like you have the virus.

    (he says after not wearing his mask running last night)

  • Her job title is immaterial when her arguments are so thin.

    Her first one is that... because hospitals are full? What?
    The second one is that the new variant is 70% more transmissible, but 70% multiplied by negligible is still negligible.
    Her last is literally that people should wear them for virtue signalling purposes. "Wear a mask because it would make us olds feel more comfortable" is possibly her strongest argument.

    It's a load of old bollocks. Also it doesn't sound like she jogs or cycles herself, or knows or cares about anyone who does. People making up arbitrary "why can't you just ...?" rules for other groups while declaring them no hassle are the worst.

  • Thats good, thanks. I don’t have to read or change my behaviour.

  • She does run.

  • Perhaps the UK should follow France and require people who are jogging or cycling to wear masks if they are unable to maintain a physical distance from pedestrians.

    This seems just the kind of vague advise our government would love to give.

  • Joggers are the worst at social disty

  • What if that report is total bullshit?
    I suppose if it is, the downside is that I wear a mask for the 3 minutes of my run that I’m near people.

  • People are the worst at social disty


  • People, what a bunch of bastards.

  • People, what a bunch of bastards.

    48% apparently

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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