Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • Its insane. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad.

  • I've seen comments from people that it's because everyone is trying to get out of town before lockdown, and heading West is solid.

  • Yeah hasn't been that bad in years. Yesterday was pretty solid but today was another level.

  • On my reutrn leg of my diy 200. There was solid traffic from Kingston all the way to ladywell

  • Those loo rolls arent gonna buy themselves! (Or shat on)

  • Anyone notice how much quieter the roads were this morning?
    Nope, me neither.
    Was even busier than normal. Looks like many are simply ignoring the situation and / or avoiding public transport.
    Take care, lots of rushing and impatience.

  • Sadly I lost a colleague (to respiratory illness & covid) this week.

    Last night five of us cycled our own ways out to a windy hill and toasted his passing under some pretty ace stars. Drinking whatever stashed booze fitted pockets, bags, cages. It was fitting and socially distanced of course.

    On the ride back I had a Volvo driver enter a roundabout to my left at ~30mph. Stopping with a split-second to impact. It would have been a big hit. It shit me up!

    That’s the 2nd very near miss in two rides. But this one wasn’t that anger-inducing, gut-hollowing type incident. This Volvo driver turned out to be a unicorn. He took the time to apologise and responded with a nod when I (still shaken) suggested

    “It’s ok ... but please drive with care”

    A more typical confrontation would have been unbearable - on top of the omnipresent malaise right now towards the value of life.

  • Sorry to hear about your loss, and glad that was a near-miss and that you got an apology. It's all too rare.

  • Here are some more numbers about the speeding during the initial lockdown:

    The proportion of drivers exceeding the national 60mph speed limit on single-carriageway roads almost doubled from 10% to 17% from April to June this year, while on urban roads about 63% of cars broke the 30mph limit when they could, up from 56% in 2019.

    I think the 'of cars' in the last clause is quite unnecessary.

    The 17,000 speeding tickets issued in the first three weeks of lockdown by UK police forces were around 40% of 2019 levels, according to RAC research, while the overall number of cars on the road fluctuated between 23% to 36% of corresponding days a year earlier, according to DfT data.

    The RAC found earlier this year that two-thirds of the forces had also caught drivers doing more than 100mph, including on A-roads, with one driver clocked at more than double the motorway limit at 163mph on the M1 in London.

    Good statements from the motoring organisations:

    The RAC’s head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes, said: “This data confirms what we previously suspected: lower traffic volumes sadly led to some shocking levels of speed limit disobedience, particularly on 30mph limit roads.

    “This dangerous behaviour unnecessarily put lives at risk during the first national lockdown when more people were walking and cycling. Empty roads should not be an excuse to drive dangerously and it would be frightening to think one of the legacies of the lockdown is a complete disregard for speed limits and other road users’ safety.”

    Jack Cousens, head of road policy for the AA, said: “It is worrying that more drivers broke the speed limit when there was less traffic on Britain’s streets during the lockdown. Also of great concern was the increase on 30mph roads, given there were more pedestrians and cyclists exercising or avoiding public transport during the first lockdown.”­/nov/24/uk-motorists-more-likely-to-spee­d-during-spring-lockdown-data-shows

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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