Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • Piece on active travel schemes here:

    Disappointing that the presenter on BBC London news this evening said "do cycling schemes divide communities - look at our Facebook page and decide what side you're on" since a) the schemes aren't just about cycling and b) as the report itself highlights the concerns are more often not based on facts and evidence - so it's not a question where both "sides" have equally valid points.

  • Watching the TDF and seeing things like this makes me think "COVID what?"

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  • Here are some more figures on how riders have been affected by lockdown/phased return to work/lower levels of motor traffic and public transport patronage. Most of the additional risk was in zones three and five:

    TfL recorded 38 road deaths in the capital between March 20 and August 29 — 18 motorbike or scooter riders, 14 pedestrians, three cyclists and three car drivers or passengers.

    Suburban areas were most dangerous for cyclists, with an increased number of injuries in zones three and five, possibly as many turned to two wheels in response to advice to avoid public transport.

    The worst effects seem to have been on motorcycle riders, especially scooter riders.­t/lockdown-speeding-doubled-risk-cyclist­s-and-pedestrians-london-a4543506.html

  • I cycle, drive and ride Motorbikes. Whilst the most noise over CS7 etc has come from car drivers Motorbikes are actually affected most by cycle lanes.
    As Cycle lanes are made wider and more physical( wing mirrors impacting the new plastic bollards) cars are moving more to the centerline taking Bikers filtering room. Some of the new Kerbs, bollards etc. are poorly designed for motorbike safety, sharp edges angles and low grip surfaces.

    We aren't going to have Bus/Train commuters suddenly passing Motorbike tests but they may try to cycle so you can see the logic.

    I argue for a new type of motorbike licence for electric Scooters (by this I mean ones styled like petrol scooters not like toy scooters) capable of speeds up to 30mph. This could be simply a CBT that doesn't expire. This would help commuters who can't cycle or live that bit too far out. They would be considerably easier to park in a front garden to charge than electric cars.

  • They’ve all been tested several times before and during the race. Picking up a riders bottle is probably safer than having a pint in your local

  • All this talk of another lockdown in London's famous London got me excited for car-free streets, but then I remembered a lockdown will just mean the pubs close early, and everyone will have shit hair.

  • TFL are doing a survey on cycling in London during Covid and handing out fliers at various places. I was given one at Wellesley Road in Chiswick where they've put a planter to stop motor traffic. Worth engaging with. As much data they can get about what a positive impact new infrastructure can have is a good thing. They should probably also interview local residents to see how they see it e.g. the benefits of not having rat runs etc.

  • As anyone ridden in any of the countries on the safe to travel list / can recommend them for some winter miles.

    I normally head to Tenerife or Gran Canaria for a winter trip but they'd both require a stupid 14 day quarantine on return. Madeira or Cyprus look the best alternatives to me...

  • If you can't do the quarantine don't go anywhere as the rules could change before you get back so you might as well go where you want and book some supermarket deliveries.

  • Isn't the air rank with exhaust fumes these days?

    I'm no fan of suburban SUVs nor of pickup culture.
    Most of the latter out here in outer north west London are driven by
    parsimonious accountants who would rather subject their offspring
    to the jolts of agricultural leaf springs than pay a little more
    Benefit in Kind.

    Today approaching an irregular 5-way roundabout, I was overtaken by
    a pickup that looked like it might work for a living.
    The driver coasted towards the stopline and left me a generous yard at the kerb.
    Unfortunately, for both of us, I was taking the 3rd exit, about 250 degrees round,
    so was drifting to his drivers side.
    Quick nods of appreciation, (his window was closed due to the showery weather),
    and we went our separate ways.

    Thanks buddy, you're one of the better guys.

  • Track league started last week, now suspended up here

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  • Ghent 6day cancelled too.

  • Ha, yeah, that's pretty much the definition of an event that has to be cancelled at the moment. :(

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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