Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • It's been like that for at least a month, in terms of stock. It has been on the news and mentioned on the forum too...

  • lo, i've got no excuse.

    i sold a bike on ebay about a month ago and, weirdly, got a deluge of reasonable offers.

  • Further to observations of unserviced diesel-engined vehicles.
    Yesterday, proceeding east along th'Uxbridge Road just going past Ealing Hospital,
    so needing to get a move on to climb out of the valley of the Brent,
    a small Ford, (possibly a Fiesta), stationary, due the set of traffic lights up the incline,
    was laying down a smoke screen and smelt like a traction engine.

  • Isn't the main service for diesel cars in London to remove the particle filter for more oompf?

  • They should check lufguss's classified. They could buy someone's half built project for the price of a decathlon cheapie


    After four days gardening was great to get out on the bike for a short spin, a couple of close shaves with white vans around Chigwell.. looks like some people are back in full rat race mode. Apart from that was good to try out a different route from Olympic Park to Walthamstow Coppermill Lane. Passed a handful of Penny Farthings too which was a joy to see. High Beech was open for tea and cake

  • Did the Man of Kent audax route today. It’s a lovely route and was one of the nicest days on the bike I’ve had in recent memory.

  • Worth a trip to Woolwich to ride through the tunnel.

    So cool down there.

  • Hmm... is it just me curious about thinking about keeping Richmond closed when ppl flooding Soho to get first dibs at some pub booze ?

  • nothing in this country makes sense, I saw someone clapping for NHS from a pub half an hour ago.

  • Man. I saw about fifty people in a group ride in Malibu a couple of weeks ago. I thought that with the spike in cases here in California people would stop riding in groups again, not that they ever should have been on group rides in the first place, but no. Saw loads of people on group rides yesterday. WAC>>>>

    Continuing to ride solo as per usual.

  • Still enjoying the park when it is open (weekdays) though. Completely different atmosphere when it's just humans/ human powered transport.

  • Last Friday afternoon, (1oth July), saw some bike-aware bus drivers in both West & South Ealing.
    The chatty driver in West Ealing was particularly concerned with the number of electric scooters already on the road.

  • Cycled with my 8 year old neice in Richmond yesterday. It's sooo peaceful and quiet. Saw some people in wheelchairs on the road which they probably wouldn't usually be able to do.
    The few lycra cladded men hammering it round at 20mph come across as super anti social.

  • Initially I thought when they opened it up to cycling but cutting off the ability for people to do laps was bad form, but having commuted through the park for the last couple of weeks I've very much enjoyed the decreased presence of the faster groups

  • It's pretty annoying you still can't ride across it at weekends though.

  • Aye, though I do think having a dedicated space/time for families and kids to ride is a positive step, I'd like the see the balanced maintained in some fashion

    cars gone is still a massive victory so hope that continues

  • The latest from Richmond Park is that

    "Cyclists are permitted to use the shared access Tamsin Trail around the perimeter of the park on weekdays only"

    Anyone know if that is being enforced? Thinking about going for a weekend family spin, but it's obviously less appealing if you can't use that off-road trail.

  • There's a thread about the Royal Parks with some updated info in case you hadn't seen it:­07/

  • This thread still valid?
    They're back; Chatty Black Cab drivers, white natch, dispensing unsolicited advice.
    Heading eastwards along the Uxbridge Road across Ealing Common.
    We're both moving, he pulls up alongside me to tell me to use the adjacent 'cycle path'.
    No point trying to explain that it is shared use, probably littered with broken glass and
    NO2 canisters. I tell him as a road user I'm not obliged to use a shared cyclepath.
    We cross the North Circular, and continue. I've already told him he 'will be reported'.
    He is proud to tell me he has 'cctv' front & back and the cycle lanes are 'very expensive'.
    We're now getting closer to Acton.
    He tells me 'It's very simple ..'
    I agree with him, 'I think you probably are'
    and leave him stuck in traffic.
    Really looking forward to the next episode when I can ask
    an obese Daily Mail quoting dullard
    why he doesn't 'Respect the NHS' and lose 3 or 4 stone,
    as it's only my income tax paying for his heart attack treament.

  • He tells me 'It's very simple ..'
    I agree with him, 'I think you probably are' and leave him stuck in traffic.


  • tell me to use the adjacent 'cycle path'.

    I tend to go with with, “fuck off and use a Motorway”

  • I must admit I did smile as I rode away,
    again as I typed it out.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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