Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • It's a well needed boost for the trade that's had a crap couple of years, but I'd agree it feels short-term. On top of COVID we've also had glorious weather for 2 months that helps, not so fun cycling to work in November. Unless the practicalities of cycling are seriously funded and improved (more bike lanes/ less cars/ facilities at work/ crack down on thefts) then I can't see it lasting. The roads all ready feel more threatening than they did 3 weeks ago.

  • This is Manchester, we do things differently here, short thread:­s/1264957485372313601?s=19

  • Think we need to organise a forum ride once this is all over.

    Islington to Durham.


  • richmond park starting to re-open..

    Cyclists allowed before 10am and after 4pm on Mondays to Fridays

    Imagine I'll mostly give it a miss, but late evenings might be quiet enough.

  • As if anyone will be fit enough after all this.

    Try the short version.

  • Doubt it, judging from our afternoon walks. Sunrise till 10am would be the quieter option, barring stray runners in tarmac.

  • I went there this morning, all excited. Lady wouldn't let me in, said come back tomorrow.

    Went to Plumstead by accident, had been looking for 60KMs, ended up with 100.

  • I'm fitter than ever! Turbo + WFH FTW.

    Not fit enough to do N1 to Durham unsupported and with no wee stops mind...

  • Cycled past Box hill this morning and was surprised it was open. Fact remains the road next to it is nicer.

  • What are people’s opinions on whether the following is allowed?

    Forum group of max 6 riders total
    Ride from London to countryside, no public transit involved tbrougkoht
    Camp overnight (not concerned in this case about the legality of wild camping, don’t @ me)
    Ride from countryside back to London
    May resupply at corner shops etc along the way

    Thanks, I find the guidance atm confusing.

  • The guidance (point 1.12) says:

    "You can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance, as long as you can return the same night and do not put others at risk because of services you may need in the time you are away."

    Otherwise, it seems your plan would be following the guidance (as long as you stayed 2m apart, and follow the advice in point 1.9).

    Edit: Actually, reading that again, it says "as long as you can". It doesn't say you should return the same night.

  • Edit: Actually, reading that again, it says "as long as you can". It doesn't say you should return the same night.

    The Cummings effect right there, always find the loophole, lol I like it!

  • 450k. I reckon with calculated hydration plan I could probably do it without a piss.
    Actually you just said no stopping for a piss. I can piss off the bike, no dramas then. When do we go?

  • I don't see how they could police it. You could carry sleeping kit and argue that it was just in case you couldn't get home in time and you therefore didn't want to have to use another service for the return journey.

  • So Tuesday night hills is also ok then? (In groups of no more than 6)

  • I don't see how you can have an enjoyable group ride while still effectively social distancing since it means you can't really ride and chat but maybe that is just me.

    The overnight bit is forbidden. If you wait until it is allowed anywhere you might want to stay overnight will be rammed with others doing it so jump the gun. everyone else is.

  • Group riding is an odd one for me - to be safe on the road you ride as a bunch, to be covid responsible you need to be 2m+ apart - how do you combine the two? A long line of riders? Then there's no chat

  • The law (­350/regulation/6) says

    6.—(1) No person may, without reasonable excuse, stay overnight at any place other than the place where they are living.

    There is an exception for an 'elite athlete' but the definition of that doesn't include me.

  • What is the definition of "place where they are living"? (I did not find one in the regulations, but perhaps there is a definition elsewhere.)

  • "Sorry officer, but I think you'll find this lovely secluded hill side is where I am living tonight".

  • If you're trying to find holes in the guidance like that, you might as well just ignore it totally and do as you please. Makes a lot more sense than wringing it around until it kind of means what you want it to mean.

  • In the context of this forum the location you keep the majority of your bikes?

  • British Cycling's roadmap for opening up cycling is club activities begin again on 4 July. Mass participation events from 1 August. All subject to the usual stuff of course.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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