Cycling in the time of Corona

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  • We're allowed to cycle in the UK, one session daily for excersise.

    So how do you ensure you remain 2m from anyone else?

    To avoid pedestrians you ride well away from the kerb

    To avoid close passing cyclists, ride centrally in the lane, other riders may give you more room as they pass than if you ride nearer the kerb

    Also look back regularly. People you make eye contact with are more likely to give you a wider berth

    If you're overtaking another rider give them 2m


  • Wear a mask and gloves, and nothing else.

  • Take all the food/water you will need for the ride from your house.

  • Wouldn't advise us to buy up masks with national and global shortages - also cycling gloves would be more of a vector if anything at the moment (whilst latex gloves will simply shear)

    Simpler and more utilitarian to just cycle alone or with household members + distancing

  • What about wearing clothes are they optional.

  • When snotts says something like that, the nothing else is to be taken literally. It’s best not to engage.

  • Not in these trying times.

  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

  • Really? Many people won't be able to afford a turbo but already own a bike. As long as you follow the rules, cycling outside is perfectly safe and acceptable. It's even government sanctioned.

    In other news, remember that slightly broken turbo I got from you all those years ago in exchange for a bag of coffee? @Thrasher has it now, in exchange for some beers. Vive le forum!

  • why? Getting an hour out on the bike during this period could be a sanity saver.
    Making plans with the missus to ride during our lunchbreaks.

  • I rode to work*, roads were busier today than the last week.

    *Key worker, getting bits to be able to do my job at home longer term.

  • Ride your bikes people - just don’t ride like dicks and remember if you bin it and need help you’ll be at the back of a very long queue.

  • Why in countries where cycling is held with more regard have they already banned it?

    Bike riding is extremely low risk but at a time where the NHS is focusing every resource to this epidemic, why not make a small sacrifice?

  • I sold mine as I was about to leave the country.

    I am stuck in a house, a country and this fucked-up situation by myself.

    For my mental health I need to get out on a bike.

  • The government guidance is very clear and guess what - it's put together by people who know better than you! If you want to take a stronger stance and never leave the house then bully for you but stop bending my ear about it.

    Pretty much.

    That said, if I was to engage in a fitness, or, heaven forbid, an actual leisure ride, I would try to disguise that aspect of it. Lycraing up might be seen as a bit tactless.

  • Get a turbo or just don’t ride ffs

    Get years of public health experience or don't tell people whether they can ride or not ffs

  • It's fine, go for a ride, its a lovely day out there

  • Hey!! What a throwback! Good to know that turbo is still used...

    I’m just suggesting to stay home because of what we’re living here in the north of Italy, humans are selfish and as the curfew started the 9th of March, there was confusion regarding outdoor training, leaving population free to jog and ride.
    Suddenly everybody became an athlete and the streets were emptied of cars but crammed of “sporty” individuals.
    Police thanks to that found it difficult to enforce the restrictions nationwide.
    I’ve seen the effects in a low population density area and I can’t even imagine what would happen if you leave people going out in a place like London... it sends chills down my spine.
    Nonetheless the curfew was revised a few days later stating that outdoor activities were banned altogether apart from jogging within a 200m radius from home, resulting in people just stopping leaving their homes.

    Just remember, this is not a holiday and we are just asked to stay home, it’s really simple.

  • Megalol, health officials can’t even determine how long the virus can survive on surfaces or if it can stay airborne and you want me to give you a scientific reason why I suggest just to stay home?

  • I believe it was banned because people were going on monster rides rather than getting what would generally be considered 'exercise'. The trouble is for a cyclist an hour is barely worth getting changed for but for the rest of the population and hour on a bike is unthinkable.

  • can’t even determine how long the virus can survive on surfaces or if it can stay airborne

    They can.

  • The experts are saying go for a ride, so I've been for ride, it was lovely.

    If they really want people to stay in doors they'd closed the roads to none essential motor vehicles. the vast majority of the population are incapable of travelling any distance greater than the couch to the fridge and back again without the use of a motor vehicle, instance lock down.

  • Ok guys I give up, enjoy the next few beautiful weeks off work, sunny days, miles in, etc

  • They very clearly say you ought to minimise time outside as well though.

    Fact of the matter is if people take the piss they're gonna ban it.

    People are too selfish for this kind of light touch personal responsibility rules. I reckon it'll be banned by the end of the week 🤷♂️

  • They very clearly say you ought to minimise time outside as well though.

    Yes, because the longer you spend outside, the more likely you are to meet someone and cross the mythical 2m boundary, or touch a surface that, and this is extremely unlikely, has viable virus on it which you then transfer to your face. Or the opposite, where you transfer viable virus to a surface by coughing, should - and this is extremely unlikely too - you be infected.

    On a bike, that's largely, mostly, perhaps completely preventable.

    Don't worry I'm not gonna take the piss, probably just gonna go running.

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Cycling in the time of Corona

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