Buy King's College Hospital workers a meal?

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  • Depending on how much money you get together, maybe ask people what they need? Veggies seem to be available everywhere as opposed to other essentials like toilet paper, pasta, eggs etc. Aware that that adds to the complexity of the task!

    Great work regardless!

  • Thess are the options I told them on Tues, but they haven't given me an answer, I think they are just busy. I think I might ask the company to make up some boxes with basic items and have eggs and cheese and those not everyone wants / needs in single items boxes, so staff could top up their boxes. That too complicated? This is if the hispital don't have a peference.

    Also, it's looking unlikely the delivery would happen tomorrow now, cut off time is 4pm today so we will see. I won't bother the hospital again until Monday if they don't get in touch today or tomorrow.

    When I spoke to them at about 4pm yesterday, I told them to get in touch once theyare ready... so I will leave them be for a little while.

  • Great idea, just across the road from me.

    Donated. Thanks for setting up.

  • I am open to ideas as to where to get other stuff, but it's hard to get wholesalers to entertain with individuals. We can safely forget about supermarkets etc.

    So any leads / contacts are appreciated.

    Currently we have £1300. There is another page going with 10 times the money. but I have a slight issue with them in that they are targeting a couple of specific clinics at King's, my approach is King's can do whatever they want with the stuff.

    Also I am not sure about the tones of the organiser when I spoke to her about joining forces last night. She made it sound like she would be doing me a favour, maybe I was just too tired from my day job...

    Not sure what to do, BUT clearly they have loads of local connections and there are a few of them doing the work, probably why they can raise 10 times what I have done in the same space of time.


    PS, I will still use the money we currently have to send King's stuff, if I were to join forces them or someone else, I would make it clear to everyone at which point it would happen, so people can decide if they want to carry on supporting. In short, I will still use all your current donations as planned. If that makes sense?

  • The same company does eggs as long as the hens work hard enough...

    They also offfer fresh pasta, is that good idea storage wise before staff can take it home?

  • Phew... managed to rush the first order of 40 through for tomorrow. Hopefully once we get some pics back from the driver with the delivery, it can generate some more interest.

    I have asked the hospital for their preference for items, have emailed some other local business for coffee, beer etc etc... any other lead would be good. We currently have another £800 or so in the kitty.

    Pics to follow.

  • I am so sorry to have to do this again, but we had a delivery to King's College Hospital on Friday and it was gratefully received. However, just got an email from the hospital asking if we could send more supplies as soon as possible as their cupboards are bare again.

    I can't remember where I read it, but someone said now that we are all WFH, we can all donate our train / bus money to fundraising like this one.

    OK, granted, most of us probably cycle anyway, but just saying...

    Please donate if you can, share far and wide.


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Buy King's College Hospital workers a meal?

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