Buy King's College Hospital workers a meal?

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  • Hi, I have just started a gofundme page tyring to raise some money to get a large fruit and vegs order delivered to the hospital door.

    I have supplier in place, I have made contact with the hospital... more details on the page.

    Please dip deep and share the page if you can, cheers.­-nhs-workers-a-nice-meal

  • Done

  • And done

  • Thank you! Keep the money coming. A neighbourhood campaign for St Thomas’ have raised over £7000 in 3 days. We can do it!

    If we manage to get that much, I might need help with planning, anyone?

  • Done, great idea.

  • Anyone's done the withdrawn part before? We are £400 now and I am hopeful that when we wake up tomorrow morning, it'd be enoug money to place a meaningful order.

    In case anyone didn't bother with clicking the company's link, their vegs box is £15 each and so even with £500, I could get 33 boxes.

    On the website, it seems pretty straightforward, but is it really?

  • Also want to get supplies to them before we are in proper lockdown and people panic even more...

  • Awesome idea, just donated.

    If I end up there will casually drop that one in and I'm sure they'd put me to the top of a ventilator list
    (Jokes obviously!)

  • Done

  • I already told them to keep the presidential suite free for me. :-D

  • Shared on FB. Tried to guilt trip the monied members of my rugby club in Dulwich in the hope they contribute too. I'm sure many of them have ended up there after a leisurely game on a Saturday.

  • They know the line between the NHS and private heallth care is very blurred right now, right? :-)

  • This is my morning bump... I will litter this forum and spam every single thread if I have to...

  • Shared on the rugby club FB and on Crystal Palace Local

  • Thanks mate. Now we are over £800, so I am going to place an order for Friday just to leave a bit more time hopeful the total will go up a bit more...

    Keep bothering your contacts!!! :-)

  • You joke, but there are actually "first class" suites at Thomas's! Complete with stunning river view...

    Doubt they could do critical care in them though...

  • is that why their fundraising is doing so much better?

  • Good morning, this is my daiy bumpty bump, I am going to set a cut off time for tomorrow lunch time - currently we can get about 70 fruits and vegs box. I think that's probaby quite a lot for a single delivery... don't want to take up too much of the hopsital space. I do want to keep the page running for as long as possible but I am also mindful that King's have tightened visiting restriction etc...

    Have a ogood day folks! :-)

  • Just another bumpty bump... sorry folks... now I understand how thick skin you'd have to be to do fundraising on the streets...

  • So what's the plan with 70+ fruit and veg boxes. Get it all delivered in one go or spread it out over days/weeks?

  • I don't know, when I spoke to them yesterday afternoon and thank god my contact isn't ill, she was just busy. I told them they just need to tell me how they want it and give me a precise delivery spot as King's is also on locked down. Truth is, I think it'd make sense to do maybe 30-40 at a time.

    What do you think?

  • I don't know really, I have no idea of the amount of staff there at any one time but it would make sense to me to split it across shifts so everyone has a chance to take stuff home. Honestly it might be easiest if it was possible to keep it all in a truck outside and let the staff take things as they go home.

  • I also need to get back to the company to tell them what to include in the boxes as they said they can do bospoke boxes.. what are the most popular fruits and vegs and possible diary produces...

    Onions, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bananas (if they have any), oranges, eggs, possibly some cheese, peppers, kiwi?, apples? Help me to complete the list?

    I want something that can be leaft in room temp for at least a day as finding a room is much easier than finding a fridge.

  • I know, in my head, ideally, is to send them loose items instead pre made boxes, like a box of onions, a box of potatos, a ox of apples etc etc so they can "shop" normally, but I don't know how practical that is... bottomline is, I have told the manger to tell me what and how she wants to do this and I will take care of the rest...

  • I would say give them options. If they're busy, then they won want to work it out.

    1. Pre made up boxes - each one a selection box
    2. Single item boxes - so they can chose

    I imagine they would want option 1, seeing as that is less likely to spread infection. If they chose 1, then put together a sensible list for such a box and crack on.

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Buy King's College Hospital workers a meal?

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