E54s Quiver (KOGA Nemo, Saeco CAADs & an SL6)

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  • That would nice with campagnolo super Record .go for it.

  • I'm considering getting one of these... What is the tyre clearance like? And do you happen to have a geo chart somewhere? Thanks:)

  • CK headset pls

  • Oofff tough call as it still has the original coda headset which has seen not more than 5 turns 🎭🎭🎭

    @kjlem you mean the black one? I think its standard caad 3/4 geometry. I do not have a chart but I can measure stuff if you want. Just let me know what you need

    @billygoat28 decision has been taken and it will def be record/super record. Just a matter of time until i find a complete grouppo (😈)

  • Yep the black/ gold one. I'll look for a geo chart, just interested about the tyre clearance on yours.

  • You can keep it safe in a box

  • Headset doesn't look that hot, Coda badged steel VP jobbie?
    Agreed on CK.

  • Oops sorry forgot about the clearance

    I currently run 26mm swork gripton (which are shit) on those reynolds. The reynolds measure 17mm width inside.

    Ill get you photos so you can see whats possible on to of that!

    @gertrudestein @PhilDAS with the loud frame imho only black on black or no logo would work.. so I guess I‘ll need to set up a fund raiser for this one then 🤡

  • I’d take that coda headset over a ck any day. Way more interesting.

  • I might just have bought something cool

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  • Oooof

  • Ooffooffooffffff

  • In the meantime…

    Major parts for the MGOOF Saeco USA collected during january.

    I found everything in the exact configuration I wished for (not: budget 😈) so pretty happy how this set turned out.

    (Groupset in transit; update soonish)

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  • Spicy.
    Those stems can look challenging on skinny head tubes so tread carefully

  • I think you very precisely picked up the only weak point here

    But: the classic 6 deg stem comes up much more often so I grabbed this one when it came up with the matching computer mount and so ill give it a try

  • Hey I found some time this morning to check the clearance on the black saeco CAAD 3 for you:

    Firstly, note that the 26mm s-works griptons come out pretty precisely between 26.0 and 26.5mm width on the reynolds as described above.

    Secondly, on the fork as well on the seat and chain stays you still have i‘d say a solid 3-4mm clearance all around as you can see from the photos

    Hope this helps!

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  • 'Murica build updates pls

  • Not building yet :-(

    Groupset pending/time slot to go to the basement pending, too!

    But cranks #arethere


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  • Awesome, thanks a lot!!

  • @kjlem you‘re welcome

  • Coffee machine labeled Sh*t‘s piling uppp quickly rn


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  • Damn Roberto

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E54s Quiver (KOGA Nemo, Saeco CAADs & an SL6)

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