• Blue and Yellow CAAD3 / 4 is my all-time favorite livery. It was also my first 'proper' road bike so I guess that figures!

    The orlowski is sick af. Cannot imagine the rumble!

  • Many thanks, cheers!

    Orlowski sold in the meantime, though :-(

  • Need to overhaul my allez sprint as ~8,000km including salty and muddy conditions have taken their toll. Also, front STI does not like to work anymore

    Hence, i thought this would be the right excuse to buy a new cockpit

    Got a used canyon H36 as i think aesthetically and price-wise its still unchallenged. Disliked the ugly grey logos on top though, so sanded them off and did a diy respray over the weekend

    New tyres, new cassette, chain and STI to come

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  • Quick mockup of my sisters C400

    B+M lights, fenders, tubus fly still need to be adjusted once i have replaced the tyres

    Pretty please how it turned out with all the black parts

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  • Okayyyyy

    When I bought that CAAD for my wife i said to myself I wont do anything other than redo the bartape and clean it

    After the first test rides it turned out that the old 105 group 5500 required a lot of TLC to work properly again so last week i decided to get rid of it and replace it by a (more) modern groupset

    I had a few 6800 parts in the drawer so decided to go 2x11

    Also decided to replace the stock wheels by a black wheelset expecting the blue to turn out much nicer than with the silverish setup

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  • I think that'll look really good with the more modern, black groupset!

  • Many thanks!

    After having removed the crankset and having swapped the wheelset i am pretty sure you are right :-)

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  • After the left shifter has refused to work since early december, the right one also quit yesterday

    Shall I interpret this as a hint to give my bike some TLC🤔?

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  • Couple impressions from my recent fall/winter rides

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  • I really like your photos, particularly the last two

  • What camera do you take out with you? Or are these phone shots?

  • Cheers @snoops @Cheetah

    All shots are iPhone XR out of the pocket (just noting that the third one had been massively cropped by whatsapp)

    Few more

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  • Lovely. Brave shot on the wet bend.

  • @snoops much appreciated - i think you can feel the 40km/h in this shot

  • On another note I bullied my brother to cop this frameset. Gonna build this up tomorrow hopefully

    Much excite!

    I am also lookin for a cdale T frameset in sz 55/56 if anyone wants to get rid...


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  • Build progress!

    Can anyone explain to me why the front (not the rear) mini v arms have different angles when the brake pads touch the rim? Spacers on both sides are identical...

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  • Spring tension ?

  • Love old Cannondales, looking forward to seeing it built up!

    I am also lookin for a cdale T frameset in sz 55/56 if anyone wants to get rid...

    maybe, but it's ratty and in Switzerland, so probably not of much use.

  • @tom-g probably resolved, thx

    @slothy many thanks! And ratty is not a problem as long as the frame is structurally alright (and if theres a possibility to ship to Munich)


  • It is structurally sound, but I don't think it's worth it to ship a frame of this value (I'd feel bad taking anything above 20€ for it, it's that bad), considering I'm not in the EU.

  • Sent you a pm re this

  • Finally managed to install the canyon H36 cockpit, re-route all cables and clean this thing a bit from all dirt caused from shit weather rides

    Stem now slammed to the max thanks to @gbj_tester

    De logo cranks and change cassette and chain is next

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  • Great build! Always liked these touring rigs but they never seem to get much love! Looks great in the grey!

    Is that an IQ-X light?

  • Many thanks!

    Its an IQ XS actually

  • On another note, i think it was time to service the BB of my allez sprint

    @Acliff have you also encountered water down there not being able to drain properly?

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E54s Quiver (Spesh Allez Sprint, CAAD 3 Saeco, CAAD 3 non-saeco, CAAD 1 H300)

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