E54s Quiver (LOOK 496 and new CAAD Love)

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  • [continues from previous page]

    After fetching it in a hurry at night and looking at it the next day, I was not too sure whether this was a great idea to be frank:

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  • Quick parts bin mockup

    Needs proper cleaning and tires

    Happy tho 🀝

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    • A6F45B64-F612-43F4-B78E-CF29B6269822.jpeg
  • Tires arrived

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    • 775E95AB-8A87-49F6-B6AF-177FE16FB737.jpeg
  • Great story! Love this fork too !!

  • Many thanks!

    Little progress (but at least some progress)

    • Changed crankset to black LX and noted that the BB needs replacement, too
    • Swapped saddle, seatpost, seatpost clamp to black
    • Swapped to black grips and modern pedals
    • Cleaned the remaining drivetrain a bit


    Mounting tyres
    Replacing silver cantis with black LX
    Find 1x chainring

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  • Helllll yessss! Stridsland chainring? Assuming the cranks are 94 BCD?

  • @e54 you can get stridsland chainrings at gutenbiken πŸ˜‰

  • @Eingang @vpCogworks

    I fear the LX cranks are 110? At least they are larger than the CODAs i removed

  • Can be, the first 560 LX were indeed 110. That means plenty of options for cheap though. :)

  • Tiny progress while having an hour off from child maintenance:

    • lx brakes mounte
    • Tyres swapped
    • Drivetrain cleaned
    • Temporary 1x chainring mounted

    To dos

    • replace BB
    • find black lx/coda wheelset
    • Find LX shifter/brake unit (7/8x depending on wheelset)
    • Install chain


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    • C89DA855-9C99-4EDB-82D0-2BCF871D4191.jpeg
    • FECC522B-C892-4F88-B734-359704984768.jpeg
  • Overall status:


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  • Looking good. Budget option for 110 N/W rings here

  • Thanks mate

    Not sure if there was also 104 back then?

    Havent had time to measure precisely πŸ₯΅

  • Not sure if I ever owned such a fun bike πŸ€ΉπŸ»β™‚οΈ

    Chain didnt come off so for now i am ignoring the n/w chainring options

    Sachs gripshift thingy has to be replaced by thumb shifter tho. Takes too much of that golden bar

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  • Okeeeej

    Found a nice wheelset (coming next week)

    And switched for a boxier stem to make handling even more compact

    Fun 🀑

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    • 3C10C5B1-3920-4E7F-8E95-913ACA3EB6E4.jpeg
    • 94C4E8CA-8232-4D8E-BF23-06E11DB75A0A.jpeg
  • And here you can see my current fixed gear collection

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  • Just some red details captured with my old iphone πŸ₯΄

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  • Switched back to flat

    Some pics

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    • 37AAD195-B8A5-4F19-9F68-56864735162B.jpeg
  • Black wheels cleaned & mounted

    I always find it surprising(ly annoying) that people do not clean their shit before selling/shipping it.

    I would never do this, even if its a €10 item

    But maybe I am way too oldschool πŸ‘¨πŸΌπŸ¦³

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  • Wow looks super clean! Love the ergostem

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E54s Quiver (LOOK 496 and new CAAD Love)

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