E54s Quiver (LOOK 496, SL6 and some CAADs)

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  • the silver crankset looks really out of place. a carbon would finish this off nicely

  • Good lord 😭


    But then please source me one!

    Edit: source me one for a non-ridic price

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  • Could look good with a similar aero crankset destickered? Like a vision? Or rotor?

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  • Or get the DA anodized in black maybe...

  • I was considering this option but i have no clue who does it for individual parts and at what cost

    Skant sent me a reference company but that led nowhere unfortunately

  • rotor aldhu carbon would be my choice, nice bit of modern kit put against the rest of the bike.

  • One would like to disagree ;)

  • i would hate to be consensual

  • Still no opinion on the crank „issue“

    Finishing touches in other respects though:

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  • Love them on a L96 but not on a 496 ;-*

  • @e54 - some look cranks here on eBay!

  • Oooff you are putting some pressure upon me, mate


  • Took me 4 weeks to install chain and stem and take some pics but yeee…

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  • .

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  • Last

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  • par excellence !

  • Yeah that's beyond cool, what a build

  • The valves don't match! ; )
    Seriously though, this is amazing.

  • Hey

    I just learned that only the second generation of 496 frames use pressfit bottom brackets

    (Mine has a threaded BB)

    Hence: ZED is not possible on my frame

    Bank account says ~thanks~

  • bonkers

  • Shame! But it still looks so good anyway, I’m not sure you’re losing out at all!

  • Guilty!

    Frankly, its just adaptors and I forgot to remove them before taking pics ☠️

  • Okay guys

    Again much appreciate your feedback on the look

    Now.. when I said to myself „no new projects“, we all know that what I was trying to say was „no new project until I find a new project“ right? Right????

    Ok here‘s the story:

    Last year, when my son was 3 1/2 i found out that he likes pump tracks so I went and assisted him a bit.

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  • Now hes almost 4 1/2 and he still likes to ride pump tracks

    So, with his new 18“ bike (instead of 12“ above), I assisted him again which was fun of course

    Bit then I began thinking why I just stand there and watch him?

    I decided to join him but of course, spending a couple hundred EUR for a dirtbike is not my style

    So i decided to buy a way-too-small 90s MTB and build my own DIY dirtbike

    I call it diYrtbike 😈

    First, a was into a TREK then a MARIN then - guess what - a CAAD

    (Sellers great pic)

    To be honest, this one has seen better days but:

    • it was correctly advertised as being „very light“
    • it was around the corner
    • it has a wishbone
    • It has my favorite fork of all time (P-Bone)
    • Saeco colors
    • Super small
    • And because

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E54s Quiver (LOOK 496, SL6 and some CAADs)

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