E54s Quiver (LOOK 496 and new CAAD Love)

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  • No offence taken ! :), you surely know more about cannondales. To me a frame is a few tubes connecting a few things together, which are more important to performance. The alloy is the same and i can set it up with the same geo as a flat top tube recent caad

  • Why are you selling?

    Looked great, would have liked seeing the saeco w. modern contact points.

  • The allez or the red saeco?

    Reason is the same: second child and as i am consolidating my entire lifestyle right now, id like to do the same with bikes and get down to one handsome CAAD with modern components (but still rim/mechanical) aka ultegra 8000 and my reynolds wheels

    And for the allez i think its pretty hyped now, so, happy to give it away on short notice as long as people are also happy with the rim brake version

    I have one in mind (attached) but the price is a bit ridiccc…

    What do you mean by modern contact points on the red(?) saeco?

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  • What do you mean by modern contact points on the red(?) saeco?

    Stuff you touch or is in contact with something. Saddle, pedals, levers, bars, tape, sometimes pads and tyres . Basically MGOOFing the Saeco.

    I can understand the consolidation but does selling the Saeco and buying another old CAAD make any sense? Have you tried the Saeco with the Reynolds wheels, pedals and saddle of the Allez?

  • the allez frameset is cool, is it sold ?

  • Yep its sold .. as well as all the parts except for the saddle and wheelset

    It was an awesome frameset but as long as i am going rimbrake/mechanical i think i like a nice caad better (and theres no difference in riding when using the identical wheelset imho )

  • Haha yea i know what it means but i thought the compact bars/stis/saddle arent too oldschool

    But hey, i did a quick mockup (cranks without BB/chain) so if you imagine black bartape/brakes/RD it should be not too shabby

    But the point is:

    I really love the red frame with that oldschool look components and the spinergys, but for some reason, i think the mgoof doesnt blend in toooo well with the red.

    Thats why i considered swapping frames (and by that, maybe even save 100-200€) 🤔

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  • Thanks to @Jay75 s donor rear spinergy wheel (many thanks for this!!) i was finally able to get the rear wheel back to its original smoothness

    I also serviced the freehub and replaced the industrial bearing on the NDS

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  • Some photos showing this meditative procedure

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  • Stick the DA cranks back on and you're onto to a winner.

  • Belated best wishes!

    one handsome CAAD with modern components (but still rim/mechanical) aka ultegra 8000 and my reynolds wheels

    Makes a strong case for a caad12.
    To me R8000 (anything after 7800, really) doesn't complement an old caad.
    Looks cool on lugged steel, positively symbiotic on a 12 though.
    Second hand 2017 Black Inc w/ DA9000 at LBS looks very good to me.

    Generally (for the riding I do) don't see much to be gained upgrading from a mid 2000 groupset in terms of performance, keeping the 2004 chorus on my caad 5 until it falls apart.
    7800 I tried a while back still felt very good as well.

    Re: Contact points, pretty much what jono84 said.

    In 2021 we deserve all the comfort we can get. :)

  • Seen this ? Never bought a bike from the states but I reckon it’s still more affordable than the one you posted...

  • @gertrudestein
    Many thanks!
    Yea more modern caad would also be fine, for example that caad10 in the brushed/black colorway

    Also the one from @Sig_Arlecchino is a true stunner (but unfortunately a tad too large)

    @jono84 probably true but its been entirely sold and shipped already.

    The positive aspect is, that from the saeco i made great profit compared to what i had invested in spring. Probably tripled

    So i thought to save this money and wait for a caad frame to pop up


    But something went wrong then 🤪🤡😬

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  • The positive aspect is, that from the saeco i made great profit compared to what i had invested in spring. Probably tripled

    That's awesome. I thought it might of been a spendy build that you were going to loose out on so making a big profit is a massive win.

    Nice find, i know very little about Look's but i'm praying this one comes with a seat clamp...

  • @jono84
    Yea i had a rough idea of what I wanted to get out of it and i did even manage to top that. Very happy, in particular as this enabled me to fulfill this little carbon track dream out of nowhere (which, by the way, comes with one of the hugest seat post clamps ever created)


  • Lil tease before I have my components together

    (DHL accidentally sent the wheels to Spain rather than Germany, wtf)

    Bought it from the first owner who only rode it on track, so except for some OG battlescars this beauty looks goood

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  • Found some time to clean it and to take some pictures

    I also did some research and it turned out that the guy I had been in touch on classifieds was riding for AG2R until the end of the 2021 season

    And, more importantly for this frameset, he was also long-time member of the French track national team. With this frameset he said, he had participated in all the national championships and won all his national titles

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  • Oh man 496 is so cool. Amazing that it also has such heritage, its pretty special. You of course now have no excuse for not becoming a national champion next season.
    I’m a wee bit sad that your Allez Sprint is gone. This thread was mostly what made me want one after seeing it ridden in all weather with mudguards on those lovely Bavarian roads.

  • What a score! Where did you find it, if I may ask? Leboncoin, Troc Velo?

  • That frameset is WILD!

  • Thanks guys!

    @Sig_Arlecchino LBC - they come up occasionally but this one was reasonably priced so i was able to pull the trigger

    @TotalShanner yeee i can relate… but if i can score a CAAD frameset for around 300€, i have one grand to put aside so i am not too sad eventually. AAAND with child no 2 there wont be much time for outside riding in 2022, so that accelerated my decision

    Tried very hard today with a quick 496 mock-up build without pedals and borrowed wheels and saddle:

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  • Wow, already looks amazing dude.

    How's the quest for a road CAAD going?

  • Glad to see you went for some shallow rims. Some pedals and a grippier front tyre and it’s a perfect hhsb!

  • Ok-ish pedals arrived while i was taking those crappy photos, so this is solved

    Wheels wont remain shallow, thats just all we had at hand (ctrack stock wheels)

    Caad research is on hold after I have passed on some promising candidates which turned out to be dented (while not being adverstised as such)

    Pretty tired on this subject so I even considered going caad9 (love yours, @jono84), caad10 (black/brushed) or even full LOOK (kx, 585 or the like)

    So for now I have to be patient and cope with this one

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E54s Quiver (LOOK 496 and new CAAD Love)

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