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  • there was tape on there?? Genuinely didn't even spot that, nice to see you're giving it some love :)

  • Question on your spinergy, have you serviced or replaced the freehub?

    Looking to get mine replaced as the old freehub that came with spinergy seems to be on its last legs and looking at alternatives.

  • Hah

    Funny that you ask…

    Maybe one step back first: i purchased one pair of spinergys off of an older lad from ebay classifieds and he assured that this wheelset had only been ridden a few hundred kilometers and only on dry sundays (YUP!)

    well, After I replaced all regular bearings i noted that it is the freehub which still felt pretty rough

    After opening it, i noted that there wasnt any grease left but only brown mud that had been in there for what I would expect severeal thousand kilometres

    Long story short, i am also looking to replace the entire freehub because only replacing the balls would not suffice in my case. The bearing cups have suffered too much

    I would hope that a generic shimano 8-10 freehub would work, but I am yet to find out…

    I will let you know once I had the time to try it

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  • I’ve got a broken 26”rear spinergy, maybe you could salvage the freehub off it? One of the spokes is damaged so it’s just gaining dust in the corner if it’s any use hit me up lad

  • eBay sellers hey?

    I have been doing a lot of research on this issue and it was ither service the run down freehub or look for an replacement.

    Apparently the freehub spingery used back in the days was the ultegra 6402:


    However, from what i can gather these parts are hard to find and buy these days, but there is an alternative which the FH-M750 can do the same jon (granted this is a 9 speed freefub) people have done this before and it works perfectly apparently.

    This is also hard to find at times, but the parts number is the same in the FH-M760 so I've ordered that and hopefully this will sort the issue from my side:


  • Awesome work, many thanks

    Would be happy to know how/if it works out!

  • Haha yea

    and in the next step i discovered a US flag decal on the ST.

    Well, got pretty much everything sorted for now, except for canti studs and chainring screws.

    Added a syncros SP, an ITM stem and SORA Stis

    One last detail is giving me headaches:

    The frame has an integrated RD hanger, which looks pretty solid

    However, when I screw on the RD, it does not seem to fit properly: the hanger mounting surface is plain while the RDs mount has recesses

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

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  • Oh and the current progress

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  • Do you have a picture of the hanger without the derailer? Maybe the recesses are more to "the back"?
    The recesses are there so the derailer is "fixed" doesn't turn on the thread.
    The b screw should have a lip on the hanger to push against too.

  • Just chiming in, was 6400 the same spec as 7400? As in, could you use a 7400 series freehub?

    If so, "de fietsenmaker" (the go to place for vintage parts in the benelux) has a couple 7400 series freehubs on his site.

  • Unfortunately this is not the case as there was a big changed from 6400 to 7400.

    The 7400 freehub has that end plug that won’t be compatible for the spinergy rear free hub.

  • Also on my side the freehub has been replaced on my look has made its wonderful to ride and you definitely notice how smooth and engaging it is now.

    Would recommend getting it replaced with the FH-M760 for anyone who owns a pair of road spinergy.

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