• New page and new project incoming

    Finally i dipped a sz 56 saeco frame in very good condition and with some parts which hopefully be easy to re-sell

    First aim is to get rid off everything to achieve f&f costs to be around zero

    Only when i can achieve this, i will consider rebuilding it (otherwise sell it on)

    I like the ARAYA SUPER Aero rims a lot but wont fit the build (which will be strictly black obv)

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  • I love splitting a bike to get a free frame. This is a great candidate for that.

    What’s the plan for the build?

  • Definitely all black

    I was thinking some light shallow(er) wheels like hyperons and make it a climber

    Or another deep dishy thing

    But in any case not before winter =)

    EDIT: Spinergys!

  • Not many things as satisfying as stripping a bike with super mixed up components to see the potential of f&f

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  • Great find, looks like it will clean up rather nicely.

    Are we talking about death trap Spinergy or something more recent?
    I don't think they made a 11sp freehub for the death traps, though newish Spinergy would be a cool reference IMO... Maybe even cooler than a pair of Hyperons. :)

  • I think I would be happy with 2x10 as this is what i am currently riding on my allez sprint, so death traps would work imho

    Not sure ive seen recent spinergy wheels that look good, have you? Dont they have white spokes?

  • Ah, assumed you were going 11sp because of black groupset.
    (I'm ignorant of Shimano timeline/compatibility)
    They offer all kinds of spoke colours, black as well.
    Pretty much depends on what was spec'ed when ordering...

    Edit: Have you considered Corima? French, yellow decals, suicidal/cool rep... lots to like.
    Easy to come by, too.

  • Think it will be spinergys or pass the frameset on

    Today ill polish the arayas using the good old NEVR DULL

    Side note:
    Morning‘s the best time for cycling, no doubt

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  • F+F plus Wheels polished

    Not too bad imho

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  • Okay i think a got a plan (subject to finding the parts on a reasonable budget (how often have I said this to myself (will never work)))

    Theme: Darker Saeco/Cipollini build

    • spinergys
    • Full DA 7800
    • DA 7800 carbon cranks instead of CODA (coz black)
    • DA 7900 shifters
    • Nitto m109aa compact drops with CODA hidden bolt stem
    • Cdale competition seatpost
    • Silver SP clamp (any recommendations?)

    Well this is going to be a slow one i guess

    Crankset opportunity identified but not sure if i pull the trigger

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  • Damn! Though da7800 alloy cranks look great as is!

  • In the meantime:

    Cdale SH frame in lovely condition from @slothy incoming at some point in spring. Thanks so much!!

    Plan A would be to build a rat crosser 1x8 or so

    Plan B would be to repaint in ctrack blue or green (but unlikely given the amount of time this would require)

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  • Did this light simply clip in to your computer mount (which one is it?) or did you have to buy/make an adaptor?

    It looks very neat.

  • interesting presentation of shopping in the boot, but good choice of items

  • Many thanks

    Still very satisfied after a couple of rides in the dawn

    The mount is the OG canyon mount designed for the H36 cockpit

    But i think the principle should be the same with every other spoon mount:

    You screw in the brand specific (in my case garmin) computer mount insert from the top

    Then you screw in a random 2€ GoPro mount from the bottom

    The CATEYE Gvolt 70.1 light I am using had the corresponding GoPro included (not all light have that feature so make sure to check in advance)

    Hope this helps

  • Your average grocery shopping experience

    Rattiest frame on the planet

  • Welcome to Switzerland, the home of drive-thru grocery shopping!

    @e54 my vote is for a rat crosser

  • Approve of this highly

  • Very cool SH, been looking for one. Do you happen to know the rear spacing?

  • Would trade against your blue T =)

    Happy to check out rear spacing once it has arrived

    @Matisse cheers
    @slothy this will be it

    On another note: trigger pulled. Very pleased

    Next stop: taking a look at some deadly wheels on Saturday X_X

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  • This is gonna be great, those cranks are amazing.

  • Thanks man

    In the flesh they look even better than I expected

    However, really difficult to source a wheelset of death!

    Maybe all owners are dead and can therefore not sell 🤔

  • They seem to come up on eBay semi-regularly. This nice set (serial in the 300000s, Super Stiff, good condition) sold at a pretty reasonable price a few days ago.

  • Many thanks but I guess I need a bit of luck in EU/ideally DE

    After two weeks of hardcore ebay classifieds hustlin it turns out that the one item that will be most difficult to find are the yellow vittoria pro team clinchers

    Anyone got a source for these beauties?


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