E54s Quiver (LOOK 496, SL6 and some CAADs)

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  • With a lot of time ahead i thought i‘d start with the important things and consolidate my bikes in one thread

    First one is a berretto track frame i rode in Australia 7 years ago. Came across it on gumtree for (i think 3 or 4 hundred AUD). I think it was a 55x55 square geo but as i was not too much into the details at that time i can only recall that it had campa toe clips and that the previous owner had hammered a 27.0 SP into the 26.8 ST (which was also the reason why i decided not to take it back to europe). Unfortunately I cannot find the DS photos. Awesome ride and perfect fit!

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  • Second is my orlowski track frame which i purchased back in 2011 or 2012. this thing has experienced numerous modifications including a complete respray by jacek himself in RAL 5004 (black blue) with a shiny finish

    Didnt have time to take care of it but it needs a better crank and some chain tension. Rear disc is a converted HED disc thanks to @Lukas help

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  • Third was my first road bike, a 2000 Specialized / S-Works Festina M4 Road with a lot of decals

    I exchanged almost all parts except the ugly ultegra groupset. Also modified it for one time trial which was great due to the short geo

    I still cannot believe that i passed a pair of NOS look delta / festina pedals on the bay back then :-(

    Pics in chronological order (first pic = seller‘s pic)

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  • Fourth is my current road bike that replaced the festina - a Specialized Allez Sprint Comp in brushed alloy

    First pic is out of the box. Last pic is almost up-to-date except slammed top cap

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  • Fifth is my current dad bike

    To Dos:
    - Replace studded winter tyres with Panaracer gravelkings /
    - Replace ugly silver tektro/deore v brakes with black cannondale/deore
    - Re-do light cables

    • adjust RD

    First pic = sellers pic

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  • Sixth is a project that i did not finish as i had to realise that the frame was too big for me...

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  • .

  • Last is my latest purchase that got delivered to my parents today (so i cannot work on it as long as this virus is a thing): A black/gold CAAD 3 Saeco in immaculate condition/ 1st hand purchase

    before (sellers pic) and after rebuild

    Plan is to replace

    • stem (sameness quill thanks to @gertrudestein),
    • bars (Nitto M109AA),
    • SP (thomson inline from parts bin)
    • saddle (from parts bin; to be decided),
    • wheels (some low cost black spare
      ksyriums; maybe something carbon in the future)
    • bartape (surprise: black) and
    • chainrings (black rotors i took from my allez sprint)

    I will keep the gunmetal ultegra groupset so that it is not an all black build

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  • Studded winter tyres replaced by gravelking SKs

    Happy that they work well with the green paint!

    Still to do:

    • replace silver, worn out v brakes
    • Clean
    • Re-do light cables

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  • Finally managed to replace this ugly black/chrome/silverish tektro shimano breed of v brakes

    Installed some black nos cannondale levers and black shimano v brakes

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  • Also managed to re-do the light cables.

    Dunno if my approach at the TT using a heat shrinking hose is state of the art but looks not too bad imho

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  • Any idea for a low profile carbon rim like Campa Hyperon for my CAAD 3?

    Edit: acquired this SP for the caad 3 to match the gubmetal ulterga groupset

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  • SAECO CAD3 teaser

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  • SAECO CAD3 teaser

    Beautiful! More pics welcome ;)

  • Thanks!

    Stem, bars, front wheel replaced, looks so much better already...

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  • That orlowski is perfect.

  • Looking good dude

  • Yeah thanks!!

    Pretty happy so far, new bartape and pedals away from shakedown ride

    I threw my reynolds on it out of curiosity and now i fear i will regret riding this thing with ksyriums=]

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  • Double

  • Hot damn! Excellent work (minus the rear brake cable...), an OG Flite would look perfect on this and maybe a black CK headset if not too spendy.

  • .

  • Thanks!!

    Cable fixed @_@

    Flite is not an option as it does not fit my a** at all.

    CK might be in the long run ;-)))

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  • Post shakedown ride with the originally intended wheels together with my brothers caad4

    Next steps:

    Replace shifters (6600–>6700) and cables and adjust drivetrain

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  • Geiler shice :D

  • Now that the allez sprint and the saeco (except wheelset) are sorted i thought id upgrade the orlowski as the frame/geo and paintjob are still top 5 of all the track frames ive seen so far

    Swapped drop bars out for a new low budget cockpit

    Further, second hed disc acquired for €99 incl ship which id like to convert as a front disc

    Parts have arrived so except for unforeseen difficulties i think im good to go

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E54s Quiver (LOOK 496, SL6 and some CAADs)

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