Sterilisation guidance

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  • How are people sterilising things, and themselves that come from outside?
    Here's what I do. Not a scientist. This is based on things I've read.
    Please amend and correct if you know this stuff
    (I can update the OP)

    Shoes pick up the virus from the ground.
    Should you take shoes of before coming in the house? I'm going to from now on.

    Coats: Just hang up. Virus last 3 hours approx on fabric I think

    Deliveries and packages: I take them into the garden then unwrap them. Pack up the cardboard then clean the things in surgical spirit (Metal objects with methylated spirits -Don't inhale or get on your skin.) Seems to evaporate quickly. Then wash hands before touching face

    Fruit and veg: Soap and water

    Bread: Not sure. I bake my own

    Cheese not in plastic: Soap and rinse? Will start to make my own.

    Paper covered items like bags of flour: I clean with surgical spirit

  • I thought it was going to be this given the levels of stupidity being shown by people.

  • Indeed DJ.
    This is serious obviously.
    Understanding how to protect you and your home is necessary to make the physical distancing work

  • Thanks
    Here's the guidance from your link

    'Most importantly, don’t get too stressed out.

    Your risk of getting infected by deliveries showing up at your door is very low.

    The virus *doesn’t live for long on surfaces, and your items have usually been in transport for some time.
    Over the short window of stability of the virus, your items have probably been handled by few people, rather than the many that you would encounter by going to the store yourself. So delivery is a good option.

    The main route by which viruses on packages would infect you would be by contaminating your hands. Washing your hands with soap and water is STILL the most important thing you can do) '

    *(viruses may last for 3 days on some surface acc to research (see science thread)

  • You can make your own hand sanitizer..
    Everything you need is available,
    in store or on line
    just batch it all up and transfer into
    convenient size bottles for daily use.

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  • Just treat the outside of each package to a quick once over with this

  • I misinterpreted this and wondered why a vasectomy thread had appeared.

    Marie Stopes in Whitfield Street is my recommendation. Not sure if they are currently open and taking bookings.

  • I tried that and I cant get the alcohol and the aloe vera to mix into a gel. It just clumps.

  • here are some practical tips how to use gloves and what to expect from masks.­JR0

  • Milton fluid (for Babies bottles) made at a higher concentration is apparently effective against SARS-COV2 virus (according to their website). 1 tablet per litre of water, and wet or soak the item/area in question for minimum 20 minutes. Reckon it should be fairly food safe and easier to manage than meths or surgical spirit etc

  • easier to manage than meths or surgical spirit etc

    Good info.
    The methylated spirit is nasty. Use just for non food related cleaning. Like handlebars

  • I just dump newly delivered packages in the hallway for three days, nothing is high priority anymore :p

  • Better make that 17 days.

    I’ve started washing shopping now and cleaning the floors daily. Getting real boring fast.

  • I think you are referring to the following recent news:

    “Now research assessed by the US Centers for Disease Control has revealed that surfaces in cabins occupied by infected passengers continued to harbour the RNA (ribonucleic acid) of the virus responsible “for up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess”.

    RNA is material that carries genetic information. It can indicate if the virus was present but does not indicate the virus was still alive. “

    I wouldn’t worry about that, the studies on actual viable virus that could infect a human have shown that 24 hours on cardboard and 72 hours on metal or plastic to be appropriate rules of thumb to manage your external packages by. Within those periods, the risk decreases rapidly at the beginning (like a Half-life decay)

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Sterilisation guidance

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