• I tried to tell my SO about that and she looked at me with a "come the fuck off it" look. She might have a point.

  • Yeah, it's not a short shift feeling ha!

    I hope that is the case with the rear.

  • Moving this into CP (non bike) thread now.

  • Doing a culling of bikes. Got a choice to either go with a DA 9000 group or a 11speed Chorus on this. What you lot reckon?

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  • Will have to look into the issue off the teeth snagging the chainstay then and if the 50t compact TA ring would solve that issue. 53t was a no-go.

  • Go with DA, sell me the Chorus group, everybody wins!
    But seriously, Chorus.

  • Frankenbuild bin build in progress.

    It's insane that you cannot even find a 9 speed chain in the usual web stores. Come on now Asia!

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  • Eclectic mix, I like it!

  • Cheers @SasenFrAsen!

    Now for some shit valve/logo alignment!

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  • I put a 9spd cassette on a 11spd body with a 1.8mm spacer, but it still wobbles a bit. What to do?

  • Probably one of these 1mm spacers:

    Had the same issue with 10 speed casettes on most 8/9/10 speed freehubs.

  • So take off the 1.8mm and fit the 1mm one?

  • Never did the 9s on an 11s freehub but I reckon you’d need both spacers if the casette is still slightly wiggly when it’s tightened down with the 1.8mm spacer on. The 1mm spacer helped me to tighten wobbly casettes when a normal casette spacer would have pushed the smallest sprocket too far off the freehub. In case you have a parts bin with old casettes: you can find the 1mm spacer on some casettes between the two smallest sprockets:

  • Will have have a look and see if it pushes it too far or not then! Thanks for the tip @Sig_Arlecchino.

    Slapped some Ergotecs on there as well as the Rs11 wheels. Doesn't look half bad I reckon.

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