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  • I tried to tell my SO about that and she looked at me with a "come the fuck off it" look. She might have a point.

  • Yeah, it's not a short shift feeling ha!

    I hope that is the case with the rear.

  • Moving this into CP (non bike) thread now.

  • Doing a culling of bikes. Got a choice to either go with a DA 9000 group or a 11speed Chorus on this. What you lot reckon?

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  • Will have to look into the issue off the teeth snagging the chainstay then and if the 50t compact TA ring would solve that issue. 53t was a no-go.

  • Go with DA, sell me the Chorus group, everybody wins!
    But seriously, Chorus.

  • Frankenbuild bin build in progress.

    It's insane that you cannot even find a 9 speed chain in the usual web stores. Come on now Asia!

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  • Eclectic mix, I like it!

  • Cheers @SasenFrAsen!

    Now for some shit valve/logo alignment!

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  • I put a 9spd cassette on a 11spd body with a 1.8mm spacer, but it still wobbles a bit. What to do?

  • Probably one of these 1mm spacers:

    Had the same issue with 10 speed casettes on most 8/9/10 speed freehubs.

  • So take off the 1.8mm and fit the 1mm one?

  • Never did the 9s on an 11s freehub but I reckon you’d need both spacers if the casette is still slightly wiggly when it’s tightened down with the 1.8mm spacer on. The 1mm spacer helped me to tighten wobbly casettes when a normal casette spacer would have pushed the smallest sprocket too far off the freehub. In case you have a parts bin with old casettes: you can find the 1mm spacer on some casettes between the two smallest sprockets:

  • Will have have a look and see if it pushes it too far or not then! Thanks for the tip @Sig_Arlecchino.

    Slapped some Ergotecs on there as well as the Rs11 wheels. Doesn't look half bad I reckon.

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  • Stuff has been standing still for a few, renovated a house and moved into it and now I'm starting to sort out the bikes again.

  • I'm selling my do-it-all Sequoia as it's a bit too small and funds are needed for house renovation.

    Got this CNC-bike gravel frame knocking about so I pulled it out to do something with it.

    I'm thinking 650b gravel rat rando!

    Psee did a build 5 years back
    and I did a gravel build on this too but broke it down for a reason I can't remember.

    I got the poison fork that he fit on his too but on the fence to use it on this or to fit that on my upcoming Pompino build. What you lot reckon?

    There's a Spesh FACT Carbon fork from my former Sequoia Elite bike on there now.

    650b Wheels are i23 st rims on PX rebranded Stan's Neo hubs, rear needs to be rebuilt as that's f'kd. I have yet to find any data on the hub flange dia of the rear hub. I have to break out the caliper for it.

    700c wheels are Kinlin XR-31RTS on Hope RS4 on the rear and a SON Deluxe dynamo on unknown wide mtb rim in front.

    I want another Kinlin rim for the front but I haven't found those rims outside of the UK, and cause of brexit it will be insanely expensive to get. Any links to EU shops for it, I would greatly appreciate!

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  • A-C on the FACT fork is 402mm

    Poison fork is 409mm as I think @psee stated in his build thread.

    I think i'll go with the FACT a while longer.

  • How shit are these? They're peanuts and they fit the bill for what's needed as per @amey in that other thread..

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  • Nice to see an update, good luck on the house!

    Did you paint the forks? they look like a different colour from the orignal photo

  • Thank you!

    I had a Sequoia Elite before that suffered a cracked chainstay and I got an Expert on Warranty. Elite fork I got to keep.

  • Thanks for that!

    They've gone up in price I see. 122eur is bonkers seeing as they're 55 quid on Spa.

    Spa need to sort out their shipping to EU! Damned be Brexit.

  • I've been lusting after a yellow bike ever since I sold the Concorde. So maaaaybe I'll paint the gravel-rando yellow? Yellow with silver flakes. Mmmm, flaaakes.

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  • I need to find an S83 post again, seems to not come up often on t'bay. I might try the S65 this time around as it's single bolt.

    I lost the clamps and bolts when having it on the bike carrier on my car. Felt like a right muppet haven't tighten them down before departure.

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The everchanging stable and mind of Thrust

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