• Glad it's sorted.

  • Some matchy matchy shots now when the Ultegras are on.

    Needs a 11-30 Ultegra Cassette, a bar tape, some outers and bobs your auntie.
    Saddle, chain not pictured.

  • Some shots of the tarck biek

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  • Matt black GB's fitted but the rear fender line is bugging me. Anyone know the secret to get a good fenderline on these guards?

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  • A spacer in alu perhaps?

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  • New project.

    Thinking - Zipp SC Silver Finishing kit, Chorus Group. Open Pro CD on something shiny, mebbe.

  • Anyone know the secret to get a good fenderline on these guards?

    You could try bending them to adjust the radius.

    Bike looks really good regardless.

  • Yeah, will have to look into that. Tennis ball I've heard works.

    Cheers :)

  • How can a wire head be stuck inside a lever. My Chorus shifter needs to be dremeled out at the head it seems. Maybe not Campa specific wiring?

  • Looks OK. I do feel that the Zipp SC in silver would look nice on there, playing off the cannondale logo. Gumwalls?

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  • Bought it locally and I'm based in Sweden, so I doubt it.

    This is how it looked before.

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  • Sorry I meant the Cinelli

  • I still have mine

  • Also local. :)

  • @Tijs Should I put bearing grease in the ultra torque cups or keep them dry?

  • I pack mine full of grease otherwise the bearings can seize in the cups and make crank removal a real PITA.

  • Yep, grease 'em up.

  • Greased, cheers @Tijs @Po.

    The cable was lodged in pretty tight but my LBS got it out by picking apart the lever sloooowly after looking at the schematic.

  • Went out for shifter outers and came home with...

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  • Looks like a very clean example! Usually the filler cap and the doglegs are at least a little bit rusty.

  • It has shifting I guess? Can't have to many Trollhättan-cars.

  • Yeah, I was really stoked on that.

    Filler cap is clean, doglegs on passenger side is just a tiny surface rusted. None on on the driver side.

    Rear shocks are brand spanking new, that's why it sits as it came out of the factory i.e. high.

    Will take it up on a lift to check the underside as well as checking bushings as I feel that the subframe bushings are about to go. Rear is fine.

    Bushings in the shifter linkage is to be switched to brass as the shifter is sloppy.

    220000km on the engine. Will fit new EVAP fittings as well as crankcase check valve and try to remove the oilpan and clean that and the siv, new oil filter, air filter. Eying Maptuns stage 1 tune but I need to get a good baseline on the engine before that.

    Bought 4x 7 spoke Alu 55's 17" wheels yesterday for 50 quid that I need to go over with a sander and then respray.

    Stuff that doesn't work:
    Driver side mirror doesn't fold in correctly.
    Radio is dead because the last owner switched to Xenon fronts so needs Tech2 to restart it.

    That's it.

  • Yeah the bushings tend to go after that many years, especially in the rear subframe. Might have been taken care of as the shocks have been replaced if you're lucky. I find the shifting sloppy on the 9-5 in general but maybe there are different levels of slop.

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