• Glad it's sorted.

  • Some matchy matchy shots now when the Ultegras are on.

    Needs a 11-30 Ultegra Cassette, a bar tape, some outers and bobs your auntie.
    Saddle, chain not pictured.

  • Some shots of the tarck biek

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  • Matt black GB's fitted but the rear fender line is bugging me. Anyone know the secret to get a good fenderline on these guards?

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  • A spacer in alu perhaps?

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  • New project.

    Thinking - Zipp SC Silver Finishing kit, Chorus Group. Open Pro CD on something shiny, mebbe.

  • Anyone know the secret to get a good fenderline on these guards?

    You could try bending them to adjust the radius.

    Bike looks really good regardless.

  • Yeah, will have to look into that. Tennis ball I've heard works.

    Cheers :)

  • How can a wire head be stuck inside a lever. My Chorus shifter needs to be dremeled out at the head it seems. Maybe not Campa specific wiring?

  • Looks OK. I do feel that the Zipp SC in silver would look nice on there, playing off the cannondale logo. Gumwalls?

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  • Bought it locally and I'm based in Sweden, so I doubt it.

    This is how it looked before.

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    • F583D1B6-819F-4C30-B016-DC3B0A5F7C93.jpeg
  • Sorry I meant the Cinelli

  • I still have mine

  • Also local. :)

  • @Tijs Should I put bearing grease in the ultra torque cups or keep them dry?

  • I pack mine full of grease otherwise the bearings can seize in the cups and make crank removal a real PITA.

  • Yep, grease 'em up.

  • Greased, cheers @Tijs @Po.

    The cable was lodged in pretty tight but my LBS got it out by picking apart the lever sloooowly after looking at the schematic.

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