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  • I'm fucked unless I can find some fifth bolt that sits flush.

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  • Countersinking the bolt may give you some clearance, as crimping the chainstay...
    I'd just swap the chainset for a compact.

  • Can confirm a compact Ultra Torque crankset will fit, if you decide to go that way. I use 'ti' anodised Minoura Duracage bottle cages on my Road Logic, skinny match to the frame, cheap & light too.

  • why ride 53/39?

  • Might just go with Miche Super 11 and do 53/34t just for the hell of it.. Well, 50/34t it is because front derailleur max gap between rings is 16t. ūüėě

  • You can always try 52-36

  • You can always try 52-36

    Medium compact. Interesting.

  • I've got a carbon Chorus UT Compact crank (10 speed era) that came with 50-34, and you can fit 52/36 rings to that no problem. I much prefer 52/36, and if you want cheaper rings TA's Nerius ones fit and are compatible with Campag's hidden bolt thing.

  • why ride 53/39?

    Exactly this. Speed is dangerous (but very avoidable if you never reach it due to weak legs and lungs like me).

  • I like to still mash going 60km/h downhill..

    Yeah, but looking at possibilites. Might just tear down the Klein and do a switcharoo, if 9000 53/39 works that is...

  • Well, some of us live in flat countries, where "climb ahead" possibly means there's a bridge to cross, and are therefore happy to ride with a 53-39. Plus let's face it, they are cheap second-hand and they look cool. *smiley emoji *

  • And +1 for the cheap second hand and look cool. However, I have it quite hilly where I reside but my legs are lungs are adapting to it slowly...

  • Only 6 RPM difference at 60kmh between a 53 and a 50t apparently.

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  • Big rings are smoother to pedal.

    Also, 53 x 12 is a smaller gear than 50 x 11. This was a PSA from the 12-25 society.

  • So instead of putting the Chorus on the Ritchey I'm putting it on the Gios Carbon.

    Not 100% sure it's a keeper but it would be a fun bike to have in the summertime, when I'm sleep deprived.

  • And got a mini Ultegra 6800 group for a steal. That is going on the Ritchey.

    Anyone here have any Ultegra 6800 hubs that I can buy?

    Also looking for a 6800 50/34 chainset, just to keep it Gunmetal. There are a few on t'bay in DE but they only ship within Germany. :(

    Saw a sales thread on here but the seller is quiet. @jgf, if you're out there, pick up! :)


  • I guess we're going full Ultegra 11s on the Ritchey then?

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  • Won a 50/34 FC-6800 chainset but the seller seems to have ghosted.

    Wheels are on their way.

  • This seller on ebay, he doesn't want 124gbp it seems? Stumped to how I should proceed.

  • Neo-retro build in progress. That Gios wasn't for me so transplanting Chorus 11 onto the Bianchi.

    Needs a black quill stem that's parallell to the TT (ideas?) as well as some Gumwalls. The saddle is getting changed out as well.

    Black 1" ITA headset, what are the options? Found this on SJS. https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/headsets/bla­ck-diacompe-gran-compe-1-inch-steel-thre­aded-headset/

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  • Is the Gios for sale then?

  • Tange Seiki with sealed cartridges is a good option. Judging by the photos, it looks like the fork has been cut for a low stack shimano headset. Afaik, there aren‚Äôt really any other options with the same or lower stack height, except for a campa record pista headset iirc.
    P.s. campa veloceor tange levin might work:

  • Will try to shift it locally first. If that fails I'll PM you.

  • On there is the Shimano 105 that is ultra low at 32mm. Bollocks.

    CK Gripnut? Which colour... @amey?

    For the Ritchey I'm forced to go 105 5800 in front because of a muppet seller that is either dead or in a coma. Hopefully neither of those, but it's hard to think that he's ducking a pending sale because of postage grr.
    I've missplaced the bolts to the rings though.What do I need to fit the 50/34 rings back on there? @Tijs?

    So these are the ones needed. Part no: Y1MM98100.

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