• Dis gon be good. I really want to build something with a similar groupset. For wheels, I reckon you should go for some Reynold Assault from a few years back.

  • Or some Mad Fiber

  • Good shout on them evaura's @svenhöek

  • but you know black brake tracks are not going to last (if you brake on them)...

  • Yeah, but they look pretty nice in the mean.

  • 10 speed Campa chainset and 11 speed the rest. What is the consensus on it?

  • I run this currently. Can't notice anything wrong.

  • Are you running a 11 speed chain on it?

  • Yes, KMC. And a Shimano 11-speed cassette. Shifts great.

  • If you’re ordering Kinlin rims, I could perhaps share the postage. It’s almost the same cost as the rims UK -> Swe.

  • So a Campa RD with a KMC chain and a 11 speed Shimano cassette.
    My LBS would call me crazy coming with that ha, but he's a bit of a purist.

    Which cassette is it more specifically?

    I was thinking going with Miche 11speed as they're hella affordable and pretty good with Campa chains, but that also means you need to buy C11 chain which is money.

  • Thought about ordering from thecycleclinic and the shipping is 20 quid. Where are you in Swe?

  • So a Campa RD with a KMC chain and a 11 speed Shimano cassette.
    My LBS would call me crazy coming with that ha, but he's a bit of a purist.

    Don't tell him I have Campagnolo wheels with a Shimano freehub body then, it might kill him. Before I bought the wheels I took one look at Campagnolo cassette prices and noped out of there.

    Which cassette is it more specifically?

    Shimano 105 CS-R7000 11-28, combined with a 50/34 10-speed Record chainset. Chain is a KMC X11EL. Honestly can't tell the difference between this setup and my previous Chorus cassette and chain.

  • Stockholm, but I have family in Gothenburg, where I gather you’re from.

  • Cheers for that mate!

    Yep, that bit of info would drop him for sure hehe.

    Is there any -12 alloy stems floating around out there? I like the idea of stem going totally level with the TT but don't feel to go all spendy wendy on an Extralite.

  • Good eye. Hit me up with a PM

  • Changed to an X2.

    Many things to do with this. Much dinero going into it.

    Need to buy list
    • Juintech F1 (next month)
    • Ultegra 160mm rotor
    • Ultegra R8000 chainset (Because FSA BB386Evo bb is shite)
    • Ultegra BB
    • Kinlin XR31 RTS OCR rim

    To do list
    • Fit dynamo wire inside the rear fender (thinking latex or eqv)
    • Fit fenders (fettling)
    • Shorten front dynamo wire (need 4.8mm crimp connectors)
    • Install stock bb wire guide and rewire front mech
    • Fit rotor


    Getting Tubus Mid-Fork Eyelets to fit Pizzarack to the Pompino.
    TT bars on the Spesh

  • I'm running 172.5mm length on cranks on almost all my bikes; would 170mm feel weird to ride then?

  • You wont notice. I struggle to notice the difference between 165 and 175

  • I've got some 175mm R8000 cranks pretty much brand new if they'd be of any use, just installed but never used. Lovely bike mate, looks ace to ride! T

  • Talk to me, Tom.

  • Fitting full metal fenders on a frame that doesn't have eyelets and with pivot brakes - you have a solution with the sheldon nuts and PDW/BLB removable eyelets but I'm wondering how you would go about the chainstay bridge not being drilled?

    I'm thinking some cut helitape wired thrice around the bridge and then maybe ziptie but that solution to me is very hackeybodgey.

    Is there a sleeker way?

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