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  • WELCOME to the stable of Thrust

    So, let's consildiate the build threads as of late into one big one and keep everything in one place as I have some projects brewing in the attic.

    New project(s)

    Dale CAAD3

    Thinking - Zipp SL Silver Finishing kit, Chorus Group. Open Pro CD on something shiny.

    Ritchey Logic Road (Done, pics soon)

    Bought locally. Thinking of setting this up as a fast Audax type bike. Maybe?

    Specialized Sequoia Expert Audax Promuter

    stuff wanted/ebay sleuthing
    • Juin R1 flatmount calipers in black
    • 42mm wide gumwall slicks
    • Ultegra R8000 172.5 mm 46/36 chainset

    wating on
    • Painted GB fenders and a rewire of Dynamo to backlight
    • Ultegra SM-RT800 rotor

    "Finished bikes"

    Serotta Colorado II

    Klein Quantum Pro

    Training wheels


  • Thrush?

  • I hope you don't have it no..

  • .. don’t be a douche

  • Promuter is really smart! As is the serotta. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  • Fiddled some with the Pompino and fitted the 650b front wheel just to get a feel on how much space I had in the frame and I was suprised by the amount. 47mm Byway fits with GB 26" 60mm fenders.

    That gives me ideas. Are there any rims other than Velo Orange Voyager that has a machined sidewall for rim brake?

    Always look to SJS first -­-thorn-275-650b-584-disc-rim-black/

    It says V-brake and disc but I'm thinking cantis.

    What's the concensus on the Tektro CR720's?

    Also thinking about coldsetting, but going from 120mm OLD to 130mm might be a gamble.

  • This such a clean looking pompino.

  • going from 120mm OLD to 130mm might be a gamble

    Nah, it'll be fine. Just get the dropouts aligned properly afterwards. Veloform has all the tools for this if you feel unsure.

  • Will you be have enough adjustment in the brakes to move them down to a 650b rim?
    Why go to 130mm?

  • We know that A will go on a rant because the 'The Logo can't be green! Det förstår du väl själv!' ;)

    Will pay him a visit when this corona craze dies down a bit.

  • Fair shout on the adjustment capabilities. Need to look into that.

    Hope Pro Evo hub is 130mm.

  • Anyone had a go on these?

    4 piston Juins. Pretty nice stopping power I'd imagine?

  • I haven't, but I'll get a pair of those or the R1s when funds allow!

  • Keep reading this as The everchanging and stable mind of Thrust

    I thought that makes one of us. (the stable part)

    Bikes look great, the Klein is especially:

  • Does R1s come in flat mount flavour?

  • Ha! Cheers!

    Yeah, regarding the mind it's starting to go because of this this social distancing hubbub.

    Never knew I was such a coffeeshop slut until now.

  • Yup! They are called F1 instead :)

  • Why R1s/F1s...? Asking because I had a pair of TRP Hy/Rd brakes, which worked fine really but I couldn't see an advantage of the cable/hydro combination. They weren't quite as smooth as fully hydraulic, but weren't as simple/user-friendly as fully cabled. Admittedly I didn't attempt to bleed to calipers.

    They were also very large and clunky units, which made mudguards etc. an interesting challenge. Of course this aspect might not apply to the Juin Techs, I've not seen a pair in real life.

    I like the multi-project thread!

  • stable genius...

  • What's the concensus on the Tektro CR720's?

    Decent, and look cool. As usual, good quality pads and cable outers make a difference.

  • The Juin techs are much smaller/slimmer than the hy/rds.

  • The best cantis are shorty ultimates then trp eurox/revox the shimano cx70 then tektro 720. Always swissstop/koolstop pads.

    Cantis are better than mini V. Front braking performance can be improved drastically by using fork mounted cable stop.

    If you are tight on budget you can find some mafac touring ones knackered on ebay and restore them, koolstop makes pads for them.

  • Switched wheels. Now the Klein is pretty damn light.

    Serotta got a newly built pair. Looks classy classier now.

  • Awesome collection of bikes, very pretty pictures as well!

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The everchanging stable and mind of Thrust

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