Covid-19 rant thread

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  • Students next door seem like they're going to treat this lockdown as a longterm garden party.
    We have a slightly odd house setup in that we live in a massive semidetached that was divided into 5 small flats on our side. The neighbours' side is similar but aimed at students - thus their side of the building has about 12 student residents.

    I want to be unbothered and tolerant, but being stuck in the house is shite enough without having to put up with them making noise most of the time. Currently 7 of them out listening to music, while 3 of them do boxing pad work (thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud). Being a bit under the weather isn't helping me particularly zen about any of this.

  • Amidst all this over the last few weeks we’ve been having the roof redone in our building made up of 3 flats.

    I’d consider having a watertight home fairly essential- but the roof itself was finished on the weekend.

    They’ve still been coming in this week to do the cosmetic stuff to the water-damaged interiors. Not my flat but the flat upstairs ( in which the horsey owners have all ready fucked off for the duration to their in-laws in the country ) so they are traipsing through the communal hallways multiple times a day, coughing like there’s no tomorrow, setting the fire alarm off every 2 minutes with the sanding

    I’m off work and now at home doing the right thing

    Am I right in thinking this is fucking ridiculous? How is this essential work ? Why not just postpone it till this is over ?

  • It's a tricky situation. This may be the last paycheque the builders get for a good while, especially as furlough pay for the self employed seems to be pretty slowly moving (this is a problem for many people I know). So I can see why they'd be keen to finish, especially now that the owners aren't in the way.

    Sounds like a fucking nightmare though tbh. Fingers crossed for you that it doesn't last too long.

  • Well not that impressed I’ve now just had to go upstairs into a dust filled apartment they’ve been working in all day to disconnect a fire alarm as they’ve fucked off without sorting it

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’d be raging!

  • i feel for you - sounds hideous.
    you could do this to them if you can get a mate to join in?­1go

  • Hah. I just need to remember this is week one of a potentially rather long lockdown.

  • Don't be rash, it is a marathon and not a sprint

  • How is this essential work ?

    It doesn't need to be essential work, just work that can't be done from home. They are supposed to be doing it in a way that minimises transmission/infection though...

  • knocking on my door every 20 minutes asking to borrow a hoover/broom/extension cable isn't minimising fuck all

  • Totally. Just pointing out the problem is the way they're working, not the fact they are working.

  • That went out the window when my wife went 0-100 shouting at them to go to bed and to get off the roof last night. I mean, they shut up and went in but I fear this less than diplomatic approach might not've been the best way.

    In other rant news, my course has been postponed - not really a problem. What is a problem is that I've had 0 communication from the place. Sending out a mass email saying "your course might be postponed or delivered via digital classroom" is apparently beyond them.
    Even the woman at the centre I rang said "We didn't realise how many people we have to get in touch with"


  • hoover/broom/extension cable

    Literally 3 very important bits of kit as a builder. Must be a PITA.

  • shouting at them to go to bed and to get off the roof

    it might have been the perfect way - angry mum mode.

  • Aye, definitely gets the job done, but if they realise we can’t actually stop them from doing anything, it’s pretty useless if they just start ignoring you.

  • Monday - Wife now we are in lockdown, you should use your trainer again
    Tuesday - Wife - Instead of using your trainer in the evening could you not do it during your lunch
    Wednesday- Wife - Thought we were having lunch together, how about going on the trainer first thing.
    Thursday - Wife - You not walking the dog this morning

    Going to be a long lockdown me thinks.

  • Has this been done already? emails from companies I've never / barely used explaining that they've got my back throughout this difficult time....for example a car dealership I used over 5 years ago and never again since.

    Also, I think some business are maybe sensing opportunity for increased sales as a result - i.e PPE providers, or are they alerting me about their products as they think I could really use some hearing defenders right now...

  • Didn't they need to ask your permission to keep your details in 2018 when the GDPR came into effect?

    Grass them up

  • I've been covid'd economically hk have now decided to shut parks and play grounds these have been my life line for classes. Being able to teach football in parks and playgrounds Now that's going. I understand why but thats my income gone :(
    Job hunt time yay

  • Out delivery riding on the cargo bike and each park I go to cross is just rammed full of people. The "one exercise a day" line has just made everyone think it's now a patriotic duty to go and lark about in a park or run/jog/cycle far more than they ever did before. It's worse than the start of the year with new years resolution people doing it.

    I'm now considering if when I go out later to deliver perscriptions if I should take ID with me and how long it will be before I'm stopped by police as I'm cycling about trying to work. It should be rather apparent if they stop me early and I've got 30+ pharmacy bags but if they stop me and I've just got the last one or none will be annoying.

  • Insensitive dog walkers with a squeaky effin toy outside the old peoples home . Pointing it out to her she was a c##t didn't seem to go down well . Then we told pc plod and he sympathised but ! Toy up her arse tmrw.

  • Being sent health advice via facebook screenshots and whatsapp forwarded messages in the large family whatsapp group.
    How can people not wrap their heads around the fact that these are not reliable sources of information. Every time one gets sent, there's a round of support for the content of the message, until someone from my family has to find an article explaining why it's wrong.

    I don't know why this has bothered me so much, but it just makes you feel a bit helpless when you realise that completely unsupported information is seen as perfectly valid by them. And goes a certain way to explaining why so many of them voted Brexit.

  • Just delete them/mute the chat?

  • Oh it is muted. I only check it sparingly just in case, but still.

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Covid-19 rant thread

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