Covid-19 rant thread

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  • Lol.

    Also less lol at your rant.

  • this is a massive over reaction to a none problem the data the government produce proves this is total bullshit. England and Wales flu deaths 32,525 last year, US flu deaths 61,000, China flu deaths in the hundreds of thousands, Italy some years ago reported an average of 17,000 flu deaths and that was before the increases in the last couple of year.

    Corona has been around 60 years, we get new ones every now and then, we have deaths from corona viruses every year, the health people know this, they also know about excess winter mortality which they are not mentioning. Infection rate is LOWER than for flu, France had last week 175 new flu cases per 100k, this outstrips C.Virus massively, same in England which had according to the government 14.6 new flu cases per 100k, that's 8300 for that week just in England in ONE WEEK, Scotland flu rates was 27/100k so another 1400+ flu cases in ONE WEEK. England and Wales flu deaths from 2018-19 are 89 on average every single day! Flu rate last winter peaked at 75 cases per 100k, that's 50,000 flu cases in a week. All data is from the excess winter mortality document from 2018-19 on the .gov website see Tables 6a and 6b, download 6b to see the number of weekly flu deaths.

    C.virus is added up for all weeks which is not how you report correctly.

    Also Watch, listen and understand as to why these deaths are being taken totally out of context!!­POI

    Quoting for keeps

  • Looks like @Mr_Bump has returned to his natural habitat - the open hunting grounds of the Classified sections.

  • Well, to extend on my comment eight months ago, the churn rate has soared where I work (tech, job market hasn't quite dried up like other areas) & I've been moved to a team where the team is equally split across Leeds, London & Amsterdam, so looks like WFH forever here now.

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Covid-19 rant thread

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