Covid-19 rant thread

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  • A place to bitch about hoarders, disease vectors in public, bangface flatmate and other utter cuntery

  • Relative who along with their partner has covid-19 but thinks it’s ok to have a dog walker collect and return their dog once a day. How the fuck do you ensure your dog doesn’t have the virus on them and doesn’t come into a member of the public another persons pet?

    Your dog will survive two weeks without exercise but this disease will fucking kill people.

  • I've spent since last night with the very real statistic and worry that 1 in 50 could die stuck in my head. My head has been racing around applying it to groups of people I've known so 5 or 6 people I've met at work as instructors the last few years, countless people I've delivered training too, 3 people in my year when I left school, couple of people at a wedding and so on. I don't know what I can do to shift thinking this stuff but it's making me feel really down, I'm sorry to anyone now sharing this.

  • Haha I like it, sounds like your family member needs telling.

  • My housemates are moving out in a week or so which means I can finally relax in self isolation and rant a lot less. This time is going to be savage for people in big house shares I really feel for them.

  • 1st world problem, my hairdressers have closed, my beard is out of control, I may end up shaving it off.
    It's been 7 years since I've shaved.

  • I was considering this as well, thinking of shaving it off for the first time in 15 years, seeing what whether it grows back before I leave the house next...

  • Hairdresser for a beard,,??

  • If I shaved my beard off I wouldn’t recognise myself.

  • I used the wrong trimmer length on my beard a few years back and took 8 months of growth off, felt naked. my wife couldn't look at me for the first few days afterwards.

  • Too many Covid threads. Still no merge button. FFS.

  • That’s a shit rant, must try harder

  • I didn't want to invest too much effort in what will become part of the chat thread.

    That and I've been in the sun all day so I'm full of Vitamin D stoke.

  • I bought additional leave & carried some over this year at work, so got forty days of freedom. Chances of even leaving the house are getting limited at this rate. Well that bloody sucks.

  • Still no merge button

    This is the real tragedy here

  • Makes your username apt

  • this is a massive over reaction to a none problem the data the government produce proves this is total bullshit. England and Wales flu deaths 32,525 last year, US flu deaths 61,000, China flu deaths in the hundreds of thousands, Italy some years ago reported an average of 17,000 flu deaths and that was before the increases in the last couple of year.

    Corona has been around 60 years, we get new ones every now and then, we have deaths from corona viruses every year, the health people know this, they also know about excess winter mortality which they are not mentioning. Infection rate is LOWER than for flu, France had last week 175 new flu cases per 100k, this outstrips C.Virus massively, same in England which had according to the government 14.6 new flu cases per 100k, that's 8300 for that week just in England in ONE WEEK, Scotland flu rates was 27/100k so another 1400+ flu cases in ONE WEEK. England and Wales flu deaths from 2018-19 are 89 on average every single day! Flu rate last winter peaked at 75 cases per 100k, that's 50,000 flu cases in a week. All
    data is from the excess winter mortality document from 2018-19 on the .gov website see Tables 6a and 6b, download 6b to see the number of weekly flu deaths.

    C.virus is added up for all weeks which is not how you report correctly.

    Also Watch, listen and understand as to why these deaths are being taken totally out of context!!­POI

  • Top trolling

  • Ate you saying the whole thing has been staged by the illuminati to bring in the new world order?

  • I'd love that shit to be true.

    That said there is weird shit going on regarding data and counting, attributing this stuff. As there is with 'Flu'.

  • 1st world problem, my hairdressers have closed, my beard is out of control, I may end up shaving it off.
    It's been 7 years since I've shaved.

    I trimmed my beard with a beard trimmer, make sense as it to reduce the amount of time i touch my face.

  • Wash your hands properly first and touch it as much as you want.

  • She said.

  • My job is to drive customers’ cars to and from a bodyshop for, or after, repairs. Last Thursday they finally provided the drivers alcohol wipes and nitrile gloves for use in the cars we drive. Better late than never and they have been enforcing the message that these counter measures must be used. We are required to have face to face contact with customers at their homes and occasionally require to record driving licence and credit/debit card details. I suggested that these details should be done during the booking in process which, thankfully, is finally taking place.
    Together with my logistics manager, I was seconded to a different branch last week and was working there yesterday when the owners and top managers were having a meeting upstairs. During a recess in their meeting I needed two of their cars moving. I moved one, wearing gloves, but the manager wanted to move his own. Apparently his parents are vulnerable and live with him so understandable in these difficult times.
    After the PM’s announcement yesterday I spoke with my logistics manager and we decided we weren’t going in today until whenever. After that conversation I messaged my colleague at my usual branch. He didn’t see the message until he’d got to work but he then decided to go home too (one of the fitters had also decided to stay home). He has COPD and was hospitalised for three months last July with pneumonia. The company hierarchy now have the hump with us “splitters” but we’ll see how this develops.
    I wanted a rant and apologise if it’s not ranty enough and long-winded.
    Bike projects here I come.

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Covid-19 rant thread

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