130 and 135mm surly hubs compatibility

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  • Couldn't find a suitable thread to post this in.

    I have an old MTB frame and want to run it fixed, it is 135mm spacing. I have found a surly new hub on ebay, it is 130mm.

    I am wondering, is the hub the same as the 135 with added spacers? So could I re-space the axle to 135 and the chainline would be ok?

  • What chainlines do your hubs provide? And are they all the same hub shell spaced differently?
    They are not the same hub shell spaced differently and are therefore not interchangeable: 120mm Surly New hubs: 42.5mm chainline 130mm Surly New hubs: 47.5mm chainline 135mm Surly New hubs: 53.5mm chainline (designed to run the ring on the outside tab of a 50mm chainline system, 50mm being the MTB standard) Where you place the ring on the crank (middle or outer position) and bottom bracket spindle length will affect your chainline, so eye it up.


  • Surly’s 130mm and 135mm both run the same chain line. Spacers won’t change this. I’ve spaced out solid axle hubs but if you put spacers on bolt on hubs you’d be putting more stress on the bolts, no?

    Edit: beaten to it. Do remember that it’s 53.5mm for single speed but around 52mm for fixed. I’ve just been through it myself.

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  • Ah, could have found that on the surly site.

    Thanks both! Good to know the 130 and 135 are the same. I think I will grab that 130.

    I’ll be using an old MTB crankset so I’m not sure what the chain line is gonna be, probably a bit of trial and error.

  • Unless I have misunderstood your question but the Surly FAQ says they're NOT the same shell spaced differently...

  • The chain line of from the center outwards. Adding spacers won’t change the chain line between 130 and 135mm.

  • Unless I have misunderstood your question but the Surly FAQ says they're NOT the same shell spaced differently...

    FAQ on Surly site seems to be talking about the New hubs but the current ones are Ultra New. Not sure which @bjf has/is talking about as I can't see the nuts/bolts in his image. @oheyitsdrew double check if the hub you are looking at on ebay is New or Ultra New, I've seen them listed incorrectly before.

    Going by the FAQ the 130 and 135mm versions of the New hubs have different chainlines which would mean different hubshells.

    If the chainline is the same between the 130 and 135mm versions of the Ultra New hubs (what it seems like bjf is suggesting) then I'd be hella surprised if the hubshells were different.

    Scratch that, they'll need to be different shells to account for the disc spacing won't they.

  • Yeah, OP said new hub originally but ¯\(ツ)

    Given there's an ultra new conversion kit available for new hubs, I'd assume the shells haven't changed but haven't made any attempt to verify that.

  • Ah. It's definitely a new hub. I bought it anyway as the auction finished last night.

    I'll do some checking of chainlines with the cranks before I get the wheels built! The frame is quite possibly pre-1990 and the cranks possibly early 90s, I don't know how long the MTB standard chain line has been standard.

    Maybe it will work! I'll see.

  • They are the non-disc version, just to add

  • Square taper cranks? Pretty easy to tune the chainline with a different length bottom bracket if so.

  • You would need to add 2.5mm of spacing either side; due to using different shells this would leave your chainline -4mm compared to using the 135mm hub.
    You could only space one side, leaving the ability to flip the hub somewhat void (wheel would need to be redished to flip); this would give you -2mm chainline.
    Be aware; the female bolt offers 20mm into the hub either side, assuming 4mm dropout, this would be reduced to 15mm on the non drive side.

  • Would it through? If you add spacers to axles the chain line would be the same. Chain line from the centre of the hub/seat tube to the centre of the chainring/cog. It doesn’t make a difference what your OLN is, this won’t change.

    Think about it. If I respaced my bike to 140mm and used two 2.5mm spacers my chainring and cog will still be in the same position.

  • Surly hub has diferent shell, 130mm for 43.5mm chainline, 135mm for 52mm

    so if you pop the 130mm in the 135mm frame, spaced evenly, you are going to be too narrow.

    Think about it. If I respaced my bike to 140mm and used two 2.5mm spacers my chainring and cog will still be in the same position. - OP is not trying to use the same hub respaced.

  • The 120mm is 43.5mm for freewheel and 42mm for fixed. The 130mm and 135mm are both 53.5mm for freewheel or 52mm for fixed, no? I don’t know if you have hubs in hand but that’s what surly’s documentation describes as far as I understand.

    Edit: I may admit I may be wrong. Surly’s documentation says there are two chainlines for their hubs. Forums seem to show they’re more.

  • I have both hubs in hand, flanges/threading are wider on the 135mm; got a link to that document?

  • https://surlybikes.com/info_hole/spew/sp­ew_bottom_bracket_sizin

    Most single speed specific hubs, like the Surly New hubs, put your cog into a nice position outwards from the center of the dropouts (approximately 53.5mm for MTB, 42.5mm for track).

  • approximately 53.5mm for MTB, 42.5mm for track

    yeah, so 53.5mm for 135mm and 42.5mm for 130mm - chainline can obviously be moved in out . different sprockets with a threaded fit.

  • yeah, so 53.5mm for 135mm and 42.5mm for 130mm

    Not quite. You're right for 135mm but it's 42.5mm for 120mm and 47.5mm for 130mm.

    Check FAQ pasted/linked in original reply.

  • Sorry yes.

    Either way, they are different.
    You can space the 130mm but the chain line will be slightly out.

    Be fine.

  • Hmm. Need to bump this.

    I have one of the older 130mm fixed / free Surly hubs. I'd like to run it in a a 120mm OLD frame I have. As it is an older hub, the information online is not spectacular (or Google Fu is weak). I do not see either an option for axle conversion or any advice on respacing.

    Is there a way I can make this work? or are the older hub shell sizes also different between 120, 130 and 135 mm hubs?

  • Yes, that's what I'm hoping anyway, so long as it is not too narrow. Anyway, we shall see. Waiting on the cranks to arrive.

  • You don't have any of the older "new" hubs left at SJS do you?

    EDIT: front, I should add

  • Just ultra new, sorry!

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130 and 135mm surly hubs compatibility

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