Freelance /self employed panic thread

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  • Thanks - Devon these days.

    They've got a couple of similar things down here but wasn't eligible for one and the other required lots of personal spending info which I wasn't that interested in giving.

  • So... my first T-shirt design is up. Go have a look if you feel the need and buy one if you like it.


  • Any updates from anyone on SEISS?

    Saw someone last week saying they had a notification they weren't eligible for it this time around. Vague panic as my cashflow, what little there's been, has been counting on some support after a load of 1st quarter jobs got pushed/cancelled.

  • Got an email on Friday saying I can apply for/claim the most recent grant on the 23rd. I’m getting pretty deep in my overdraft so it was a relief. Fortunately I’ve had a decent amount of work booked for May, but then was told that it will be the last of that work for the year (usually get a few weeks work every 3 or 4 months).

    My industry (art galleries and museums) have basically all decided to not changeover any more exhibitions after June until 2022. Will be lots of people basically completely out of work for the rest of the year.

  • Was discussing this with some mates yesterday as one of them got the same notification - says you are able to challenge the decision and the criteria is pretty vague as just says you are eligible ‘if you are making less than you expected to’.

    He decided that he was ‘expecting’ to make £1,000,000 for the period and would challenge it as it doesn’t say anywhere what you have to base your expectation on or that is has to be realistic...

    Although seriously you can probably just say I was expecting to make X for this period as that is what I made during the same period pre-covid.

    Suspect they might be trying to reduce costs and hoping people just accept their decision.

  • I’d been worrying that I had been too well compensated with the SEISS. Did my tax calculations for 20-21, and bloody hell, I really didn’t have much cash come in over the last year.
    Which is helpful to know at least.

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Freelance /self employed panic thread

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