Freelance /self employed panic thread

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  • How's everyone getting on?

    I've had 4 x half days since Feb. Feeling it a bit now though I did buckle and get in on the bounce back loan. Interest free for a year so just hoping I get some work between now and then.

    If anyone wants video * waves * . Got my APA Covid-Supervisor certification too which means I get to tell people off if they cough all over everyone else on set. (Not sure I needed to pass an exam to do that tbf).

  • Tbh, we're just about getting by on my salary and the one project 'er indoors has.
    Nursery is cheap atm and we're on credit breaks.

  • Anyone else had a letter saying they were overpaid SEISS? Thought it was all too good to be true, overpayment will now be added to 20/21 tax bills. Seems like a lot of people getting these letters, wondering if this was a genuine fuck up or was the apparent generosity just a way of pumping money into the economy whilst knowing it would be clawed back later?

  • I haven't and I bloody hope I don't.


    β€œOn this occasion we will not reclaim these payments to avoid unnecessary hardship for taxpayers who may have already used the money.”

    I can't speak as someone that's affected, but it may be worth following up if you were told it would be added to tax bills.

  • What was the wording of the notice?

  • Basically says we over paid you.. we are very sorry.. you need to include overpayment as taxable income on 20/21 tax return

    Actually now I reread it I'm not sure what that means, going to phone them...

  • Doesn’t sound like they want it back, but they do want it taxed.

  • Yeah that would be my understanding; its not free money, its free income

  • Yeah I think I panicked and assumed the worst when I first read it, not so bad then...

  • Revisiting this thread as it's officially a bit worrying in our house.
    My salary doesn't cover everything, at the point where 'er indoors project is finishing up and scrabbling to find anything....

  • sorry to hear about that.

    i guess it depends what line of work you're in, but my work's remained pretty steady, to the point where i'm taking on as much as i can in anticipation of any future downturn. but i mainly work for IT firms and they tend to weather these storms reasonably well - maybe?

  • IT and Healthcare innit....

  • 2 questions.

    1) "you need to include overpayment as taxable income on 20/21 tax return" - I thought that the grant had to be declared as income regardless of over-payment. Is that not the case?

    2) APA Covid-Supervisor certification - are there more general ones that can apply more widely / is this worth doing as a way to get some extra cash? Anyone with any experience or tips? Essentially I'm looking at other ways to potentially earn some extra cash.


  • My oldest client just gave us the flick. Can't justify cost blah. We've actually had a really busy month which has helped get us back on track a bit but we've had these guys on a monthly retainer since 2016 which, although relatively small, did a lot for cash flow and sleeping well. We're doing another project for another department of theirs worth 3 months and another one in December for the same but lower margins as more work involved. First world probs etc

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Freelance /self employed panic thread

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