Freelance /self employed panic thread

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  • I fully agree with you, just because you dont "use" something doesn't mean you dont use it.

    I pay as much as I can as just because I dont use it right now defo doesn't mean I won't use it in the future thats for sure or some I care about will need too.

  • Just saw this on twitter:

    Urgent: 40 FULLY QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS* needed for Monday at Excel to help with the new Nightingale Hospital.

    £20 per hour, min 9 hours per day.

    Email or
    if you're interested.

  • That hourly rate is taking the fucking piss.
    (Disclosure: late father was a fully qualified electrician).

  • Some people have higher than 50K income or are a ltd company so won't get anything, but (and I may be wrong) I would assume the majority of sole traders set up a ltd company because they earn more than 50K a year.

    I really worry about people who have recently set up as a sole trader, people who have been half and half paye/sole trader etc. A lot of photographic assistants for example work as studio assistants as well as freelance work. I feel these are the kind of people that the system will miss and are most likely to struggle. It's not ideal, but surely anyone on over 50K should be able to cut back and ride out 3 months (I know it may be more).

  • Just want to give an explanation of why freelancers might use limited companies instead of being sole traders – some of us had no choice. In some sectors, businesses refuse to deal with sole traders. I'm not sure how many sectors, but AFAIK this is the case across the advertising industry, and the recruiters I speak to have told me it's 'pretty rare' for anyone to be a sole trader. I have heard that many public sector bodies insisted on limited companies for contractors too.

    I've been freelance for three years. I'd actually have preferred to set up as a sole trader but I wouldn't have got much work. Obviously, now I'm not getting any work at all. Or any help from the government.

  • Same for tv and film. Not always a choice

  • i am a limited company. my former employer (marketing agency) said they'd only re-employ me as a freelancer if i was a) a ltd, b) had at least one other client, c) had a 6-month gap between employment and work as a freelancer. presumably it was an IR35 thing...

    ironically, i work for them still but we ended up working out an arrangement via PAYE on zero hours.

  • So.
    Big chat scheduled tonight.
    Er indoors:
    Mid term: no work on horizon
    Long term: also no work on horizon


  • What was her thing?

  • Strategy. Branding. Stuff.
    Teams working to deliver what the company stands for.

    Has plans around creativity in the workplace that wants to fly.

  • For who? Specific market / product type?

  • Let me get a summary. Of what she says she does, rather than what I think she does.

    Make sense?

  • Sorry just trying to work out if I might know anyone who needs what she does

  • Always appreciated.

  • Anyone here working for an umbrella company?

  • Amendment to the business loan scheme - now £50k available with a 100% guarantor function from government and interest is paid by gvmt for first 12 months. I still want to avoid loans if I can avoid it but I'm slightly more swayed now if it comes to it.

  • Anyone waiting with bated breath for the 15th? Pre-registered for SEISS and told I can apply at 8am on Friday...

  • Not sure how long furlough will be permissible but would hope SEISS lasts the same period - i.e. just because some people can work doesn't mean all can so hoping, but not optimistic, that there will be potential for payments beyond the current March-June plan.

  • Yep. I can apply at 8am on the 14th.

  • how did this go, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Things decided:
    One project is on going
    Decision to try and get her thing off the ground in a new way
    Shop around in the next couple of weeks.

    It's still up in the air. We're still a bit ungh.
    Asking for an extension of mortgage.

  • Ive been considering this.

    Friends who are in the same boat have floated a scenario where they set up a second Ltd co now and gradually transfer work to this new company (co.2). Take loan on the existing company co.1. Pay out loan as salary via co.1 then fold company.

    Wouldnt do it myself, but cant see the reason it couldnt be done.

  • Fold without repaying you mean?

    Maybe they should have a read up on phoenixing

  • Would appear so.

    Stinks. But thats how theyve been talking.

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Freelance /self employed panic thread

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