The good to come of this bad situation

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  • I had to do a Double take when I read he was a Tory MP.

  • Can't decide if they're being on the nose with the implication that the general thought is that 'low skilled' = unnecessary and thus making a point that some people are twats who originally thought this, whilst having never been in that mindset themselves. Or that they actually believed that this was the case and they themselves have only just come around to this new and groundbreaking thought. I've always been of the belief that this 'low skilled' workforce (though I'm not sure what low skilled really is to be fair) have been a major importance to everything.

  • Low skilled generally means easy to train somebody to do the job. The necessity of someone doing the job has never really come into it, just the necessity of it being that person doing the job. So on a points style immigration system you don’t let low skilled in while you have unemployed who could be cajoled into training to stack a supermarket shelf, mop a floor or pick orders in a warehouse. You focus your points on the skilled/harder to train quickly demand in your workforce.

  • I'm getting a lot of work done on the vegetable patch in the garden (which is starting to feel more & more like a prison yard), so that's a plus.

  • I've found both our missing kitchen knives whilst emptying the compost bin. (Only one pictured).

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  • The importance of local businesses.
    Communicate more
    and hopefully appreciate the smaller things more.

  • Just successfully cut my own hair, will be doing it myself from now on. Women's haircuts are well spendy.

  • I did my Wife's two days ago, let her off the usual £60 she has to pay for trimming the ends!

  • It's an absolute piss take. I have a assymetrical haircut with an undershave that I like to leave for a long time in between cuts to get my moneys worth

  • Heh. I did mine wit a new set of trimmers earlier in the week.

    Suffice to say I won’t be going out without a hat of some sort for the next few weeks.

  • Dem wurms are bastuds for pinching knives.

  • Big win

  • Right wing governments that have fed on populism and have tried to play down the effects of the virus outbreak are shown to be the charlatans that they actually are and that the ‘unfortunate’ casualty numbers are proof that they are wrong. Everyone votes for a more liberal leadership. This is a high price to pay.


    A climate crisis could be several factors worse than what we are currently facing. Surely, it's worth using the momentum afterwards to tackle climate change? It's been pretty terrifying as the world scrambles to deal with covid-19, and that just shows what happens when you don't prepare for things properly despite warning signs. If we don't do enough about climate change the situation could be so much worse.

    Obviously, there's no silver lining to the current situation, but the drop in pollution has been noticeable across London and people may be appreciating a simpler lifestyle. So many jobs now actually can be done remotely, it makes no sense to travel into work 5 days a week.

    After the 1918 pandemic there was a drive to increase health and improve fitness that lasted for years. It feels like there could be a real moment to shift our lifestyle once this passes, but if governments aren't proactive things will bounce back to where they were before.

  • if governments aren't proactive things will bounce back to where they were before

    Yet reactivity is always the way government operates
    It's the political cycle

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The good to come of this bad situation

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