The good to come of this bad situation

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  • I understand how bad the situation is at the moment, but what are the thoughts of what good could come out of it? It doesn't matter if it's something globally, within your community or even personally, it's all good stuff!

    Here's what I've seen so far...

    . People who hadn't seen it before are finally seeing how amazing the NHS are

    . Companies will be more likely to let people work from home in the future, reducing congestion and carbon emissions

    . Quite a few people are starting to appreciate going out on their bike, now many other forms of amusement are closed

    . The world becoming more united, as it's something everyone would have been through. Maybe there will be a global celebration when all of this has passed?

  • Is merging still allowed in this time of social isolation?

  • No, merging is impossible. Threads are exercising social distancing.

  • I think when we come out of this two things will happen:

    There will be an understanding that the public sector is essential and a greater respect and hopefully funding will follow. We may get a post WW2 surge back towards a welfare state.

    The corporations with the power to ride this out will consolidate their position and leverage every advantage. Where are the billionaires? Lying low and biding their time to turn this situation to their advantage.

  • Appreciate that the best things in life are free . Everything that the coop social principles stand for.
    Personal hygiene

  • Covid 19 threads are increasing exponentially, doubling in number every 2 days.

  • . Companies will be more likely to let people work from home in the future, reducing congestion and carbon emissions

    this is such an easy conclusion and still I feel like every asshole will just get back into his car to commute pointlessly when this is over.

  • Working from home is mostly shit. Especially for the young for whom there is little up side. So yeah.

  • I agree, I'm hating it. I'll go back to working from the office as soon as I'm allowed to, that's for sure.

    However, if it makes anybody feel any better, of course I'll be doing it by bike or on foot.

  • Sure, if you hate it go back to the office. It's just that a lot of people could and want to work from home but can't. Because their bosses don't trust them or because they're too old to understand wfh...

    Seeing what an effect the early days of our Belgian government saying that wfh was advised had on transport... I can only hope people are still allowed to wfh after this is over.

    Certainly don't want to make it the rule for everyone.

  • Covid 19 threads are increasing exponentially, doubling in number every 2 days.

    "It becomes self-aware at 2:14 AM, Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug..."

  • Hopefully businesses realise that so much buisness travel isn't really needed and can reduce international air travel

  • The NHS receive better funding.

    Review of wages of staff in healthcare.
    /Given what nurses (and the like) will face over the next few weeks, while most others are sat at home doing sweet FA.

    People realise that the consumer debt lifestyle isn’t sustainable. - this will never happen unfortunately.

    Many businesses realise that they need to run in a more sustainable manner, rather than the profits being handed out to CEOs etc. on inflated salaries.

  • Co op fair share principles . Remember the shops and cafes that have donated stock to charities and tell them why you will visit in the future . Eg free state kitchen in liverpool yesterday.

  • The realisation that resilient society is a priority and includes every member of society (eg not having financial or housing insecurity), and the social safety nets and institutions need a bigger buffer.
    Would be great.

  • We can only hope. Politics in the UK might change forever anyway.

  • Please don't make comments like this. I know you don't intend the callousness that implies.

  • .

  • Sorry, it wasn't meant to sound callous. Edited.

  • The increased self isolation and potential lockdown measures will no doubt have an impact on other viruses and their transmission.

    We may have reduced exposure to cold and flu viruses next year? I appreciate that Covid is not a fantastic replacement for these...

  • Golf club style thread for the Covid forum?

  • Trying to get tasks done, fix all those things that are broken and I would fix. Service the bikes and assemble bikes. Then reply to emails and to sort out problems with things.

    Or more procrastination and nothing gets done as usual as I can't sell the things so why not just get rid of them.

  • The amount of folk who thought that the Universal Credit shitshow was something that only happened to the poor.
    What do you think now?

  • Tory MP Steve Double : "One of the things that this current crisis is teaching us is that many people that we consider to be low skilled are actually pretty crucial to the smooth running of our country and are in fact recognised key workers. Would [Patel] consider that once we're through this situation, we review our points based immigration system to reflect the things we've learn during this time?"

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The good to come of this bad situation

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