Making the best of a shit situation

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  • just seen @dammit 's post

    one of these may be made - i have spare timber at home­-Manual-Machine/

  • also did my first trainer road session in about 4 years, ftp down by 40 and been feeling tight chested for the last 4.5 hours

  • It just occurred to me that I've done a year in isolation like this before. Moved to a new city, no job, no friends, no disposable money - so no going out except for groceries. I imagine lots of us have been in a similar situation for a period if you think about it.

    It's shit, but at least this time we're all in the same boat. Feel very fortunate to still have a job for now, and bikes and sewing to fool around with.

  • Sounds good, I'd like to try that. Got a link to the app in question? Apple or Android?

    "Apple Books" doesn't seem to have a barcode scanner.

  • Our village are rallying together. Villagers can email shopping lists to the local co op supermarket and once a week a villager with a van can collect from the supermarket and drop orders off. This effort will reduce the numbers of people going round the supermarket and help people reduce contact and maintain social distance.

    It’s great to see our community working together.

  • I have the first 3 trade paperbacks of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing I'm looking forward to diving into, plus an embarrassing pile of shame in my comics pile, so hoping to get plenty if reading done between 1500 and 1600 daily.

  • Getting to spend more of the day with my kids. Normally I get an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Now its a 24 hour lock in.

    In two weeks, I may be wishing to GTFO though.

  • In the garden the other day making it slightly less "derelique" got talking to the guy next door over the fence & my daughter (3) runs over asking if she can pat his chickens - he says she can have a couple of them if her dad gets her a hut to keep them in...

    So, after raking the loft for bits of timber & old off-cuts of floorboards I reckon there's enough to make a passable A-frame chicken coop - need to get cracking this weekend before she forgets about it & my wife puts the kibosh on the idea, chooks ahoy!

  • Had to go to town to pick up a prescription yesterday. It was frustrating that we all had to queue at the pharmacy but no one in the queue had any thing else to do. I really enjoyed having the tine to talk to the chap next to me (maintaining a 2m gap). Had never met him before but quickly discovered that I had trained a colleague of his in Newport a couple of months ago. Covid is awful but has given so many people time to make personal connections in this time of distancing ourselves.

  • GoodReads

  • Just decorated my temporary office. If I’m going to be stuck here a while, it might as well be nice!

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  • Yeah, I just got off the turbo, stripped and walked into the lounge to find my missus in the middle of a 3-way

    video chat with her girlfriends.

    Now they all wanna come over and party with hippy. 2m rule though...

  • Now they all wanna come over and party with hippy

    Maybe they mistook you for a bouncy castle

  • LOL

    New source of income when the isolation restrictions are lifted!

  • Such joy hearing Tim Burgess on BH with Paddy O’Oconnell and his 10pm album play with twitter feeds, what a wonderful idea..

    lately I’ve put an album on each night from the iPod during dinner time, all those forgotten tracks not on my playlist..­ans-tim-burgess-enlists-artists-for-twit­ter-listening-parties-during-coronavirus­?amp=1

    PS @Velocio yes I’m still starkers okay maybe wearing an apron during cooking..

    @hippy that houseparty app is something else right

  • My chicken coop came together quite well - might install a mezzanine level at some point but it's pretty much good to go, probably the first thing I've built from wood since secondary school over 20 years ago, really quite enjoyed it - also doubles as a toddler containment system

    Can't upload photo for some reason, but it's awesome

  • I've finally got rid of the 1000-piece "Royal Babies" jigsaw which I won ages ago. It was a joke prize and has been cluttering up my house ever since, but I'm donating to a local who's self-isolating and bored.­Jigsaw-Puzzle-1000-Piece/dp/B00WZUGOBM

  • Chook coop

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  • Now you can build another one, for the chickens ;-)

  • Spring cleaning has never started so early in our house. Like 2 weeks ago actually.
    Some gardening done yesterday.
    Next onto the bikes now that BST is here and there's no office to commute to.
    Awaiting a delivery of clay then can start making stuff at home again.

  • Just replaced the jockey wheels that have needed replacing for years. I bought the replacements well over 3 years ago. The old bearings were long gone then :s

  • Should have made it a bit more ramshackle - the wife was mildly impressed & now wants some raised beds and a wendy house thing for our daughter... still - not going anywhere soon!

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Making the best of a shit situation

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