Making the best of a shit situation

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  • There were a few made back in 2013. I have a couple more spare, so can send you one if you like

  • Ah, amazing - I've been lurking on here since well before then! I'll PM you. Cheers

  • Use the scrap wood to build a big ugly chicken coop, it's great fun!

    I upgraded mine again today with a chicken shaped portcullis - this thing could get out of hand

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  • could I trouble you for one?

  • chicken shaped portcullis


    How are you progressing with the moat?

  • tbh i'm just trying to work one job whist keeping the cafe viable with two kids under 5 and a chronically ill wife. I'll probs just try to help people and get by rather than worry abut what i could be doing with my time.

  • Jesus don't give me any more ideas - I'm officially calling it finished & getting some chickens in there before I do anything else to it... the inside did turn out not bad though

  • Build a wooden compost bin with the decking etc and in goes your garden 'waste'.

  • My sisters chicken coup has a solar powered door to close it off at night to stop foxes attacking. After the outlay costs for their run, coup, feed, vets bills and rare breed chickens he reckons faberge eggs would be cheaper.

  • give me any more ideas

    Very small yet fully functioning cannon

  • No probs. PM an address to send it to, and I'll eventually get around to posting it :-)

  • One of my mates breeds show chickens - he has an allotment & used to grow all sorts of stuff, he had a brief fling with giant veg (stop it) & would drive his prize winning marrows all over the country - now his quaint allotment looks like a small scale chicken farm & he sinks pretty much all his spare time & most of his cash into the things, slippery slope indeed!


    Finished interior

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  • Possibly, but the decking wood is rotting (my dainty 95kg has broken a few boards where I've stood right in the mid point between joists). Removing the hundreds of decking screws from the wood is going to be a ball ache.

    Given I'll have a 5m x 6m patch of bare earth where the decking used to go I was just going to pile up garden waste there for the time being. I'll have a load of that black matting used to stop plants growing (which I'm 99% sure is below the existing decking) that I can sit it on until there's a chance to get rid of it.

    Can't imagine how busy the local tip will be when the lockdown is eventually eased. All of that garden waste plus crap from houses/lofts/sheds/garages that people have had time to sort through and get rid of.

    Anyway, it's a relatively nice problem to have in the grand scheme of things.

  • Not bad, but needs more Throne

  • Removing the hundreds of decking screws from the wood is going to be a ball ache.

    Impact driver ftw

  • Is there a record scanner like book scanner?
    Also: I might maybe get round to ripping cds.

  • Been meaning to do this for an age!

  • Found an app that does a reasonable job of converting negs. I have hundreds of old family photos that I’ve always meant to have scanned in.
    These are using the light from my laptop so I’m getting some scan lines. Will pick up a cheap light box and rig up something to hold my phone.
    This could keep me busy for a while.

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  • I'd recommend getting a proper flatbed photo scanner for negatives. Got mine second hand for like £30. You will most likely only have the patience/time to go through them once and you'll be happy you dit it "properly" and got the best quality out of them.

  • Do you mean one where the light passes underneath? Do you have a link?

  • Where are you based? Might have a neg scanner you can have for free

  • N10. That’d be amazing!

  • Eaaaaaasy. I’ll PM my brother with your username

  • started sorting my bits into baccy tins

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Making the best of a shit situation

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