Making the best of a shit situation

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  • In between bouts of panic about the health of those I love and myself, where I am going to get money, can I buy food, are we going to descend into societal breakdown? I have to think about what I can do and what potential changes for good might result from the horrible situation we find ourselves in.

    I find myself having more conversations on the phone, sometimes trivial, sometimes even managing to squeeze in "I love you” when talking to my father. It's a chance to catch up with people where there is that social awkwardness that too much time has passed since we last spoke and it feels embarrassing.

    Time usually feels like a scarce resource, but with no gainful employment for the foreseeable future I have an abundance. I can teach myself new skills, learn to do things, learn to do things better. Activities that are usually rushed that can be given more time.

    There are tutorials on everything, mundane tasks present opportunities. Could I research even routine tasks before doing them? to be more mindful of what I am doing and deploy different techniques. For example it appears there is a chance to learn how to clean the house better, make my own cleaning products and the opportunity to spring clean the house.

    Is now the time to learn to make more things from scratch? Currently can’t get to the supermarket so yesterday made shortbread for the first time. It was ok but there is room for improvement. Once the dust has settled perhaps ingredients for pasta can be procured and another thing on my kitchen bucket list can be ticked off.

    All those half finished projects that can be resolved, the garden tidied, turning compost beds, learning to weed. Have been talking about a vegetable patch for ages, and it appears will now have an opportunity to make this a reality. It has long been an ambition to be more self sufficient and this may be the spur into action that was required.

    Our local community for a long time has had a very quiet facebook group, but now we are coming together offering support, asking for help. Perhaps we can develop a barter economy, someone was asking if anyone hast eggs the other day, I already trade sourdough loaves with a neighbour for eggs from her ducks and chickens. Maybe the community can expand on the items or skills we can trade with each other. Today someone suggested the opportunity to become a Red Cross volunteer and I have put my name down.

    I can spend more time on yoga and meditation, and develop patience and equanimity. It's time to set up the turbo trainer again to work on cardio fitness. I often find myself at night trawling youtube for videos on all manner of things, am fascinated by dancing tutorials, so maybe this can be another physical outlet.

    For too long flying to go on holiday has felt like a right, perhaps this will be time for us to reconsider this, perhaps we can learn to enjoy where we are and what we have got rather than feel the need to change location to make ourselves feel better. There are many accounts of pollution levels reducing already due to the lowered levels of travel.

    So yes things are scary and shit right now. but it does appear it can be used as a spur to deepen relationships and friendships, bring communities closer, assess our environmental impact and even grow and develop as human beings.

    What things are others doing to not just alleviate the boredom or distract from the fear but to allow a chance for improved relationships, communities, knowledge, skills or abilities?

  • How things have changed DJ.

    A few years back you'd riding around brandishing your epee, calling everyone who was behaving in manner you disapproved of, a fucktard. And then the D-lock

    Now yoga and meditation ffs

  • I can teach myself new skills, learn to do things, learn to do things better

    So you're going to set up a sick course for your rc car?

  • a chance for improved relationships, communities, knowledge, skills or abilities?

    I am in the garage fettling with my bikes, coughing everywhere. Does this count?

  • Possibly that too but there is one 3 miles from my house

  • Are the bikes @andyp levels of cleanliness?

  • I couldn't say m'lud. Highly unlikely.

  • There is your chance for self improvement!

  • I sold an old Fostex digital multitracker (portastudio) last night on ebay and the buyer came round to me this morning to pick it up. We had a limited conversation because the transaction was carried out from a distance of about 4 yards. He must be in his 70's and he thought he'd have a go at "a bit of recording" while in self isolation.

  • I sold an old Fostex digital multitracker

    Weird, I have a fostex reel to reel at my dad's I need to shift. Not sure now's the time, mind. Can't go round to his for 14 days for a start.

  • Gonna get myself airbrush, compressor, liquid mask, paint.

  • I'm close to buying some Warhammer to paint, which I haven't done in about 15 years.

  • I might be doing my first post in the 'current projects' thread.

  • Lol. I try to keep my bikes clean, but I’m nowhere near as obsessive about it as you think.

  • Come join me in the Tamiya thread, I'm getting bored of talking to myself (and Mattise)

  • so looks like most of my firm are self isolating from tonight circa 500 in London office and local site offices.. the houseparty app will be our social hub for now..

    i have a few home projects i want to do. first i'm gonna teach myself how to crochet.. and make three large jute laundry bags, from balls of string..

    whereas, the missus just wants to fornicate under carnal knowledge..

  • I picked up an Airfix car to put together and paint the other day, hoping to actually get a chance to do it now but been a hectic week so had to be held off. Next week will hopefully be a bit more settled and open for modelling.

  • It’s lfgss folklore, you are probably to bike cleanliness what @hippy is to being fat or joe is to old age

  • @Sumo This is my local track

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  • Fuuuuuck that's awesome.

  • It’s a shit situation, someone has to make the best of it


  • My mate sent me video of his kid racing their RC car around the park today. Looked quick. I kinda want one now...

  • A kid or RC car!!??

  • I’m going to prep my 60’s Moulton frame by filing all the crappy lugs down and smoothing the rest out with P38 filler and making it look fillet brazed and all smooth and lovely before deciding where to go with it.

    Then I’m going to do more of my bikes. And then some more.

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Making the best of a shit situation

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