Staying away from loved ones

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  • That is not the news I needed but thanks. We have three medical professionals in the family and I will speak to them later and discuss it. Thanks.

  • Could you pay a courier to collect medicine from a pharmacy instead of relying on the pharmacy to arrange a delivery for you? Also, I don't know if it's the same for you but I've had flyers through the door with details of a group of local people who are willing to collect groceries and medicine for vulnerable/high risk people in the community. Worth checking on social media to see if there's something similar in your area!

  • I’m not sure you can do that. They are funny about who they give medicine to here. All the chemists here are fully booked for deliveries which is the issue.

  • Ah ok, is it prescriptions you're picking up rather than misc. medicine?

  • It’s the actual medicines.

  • Sorry, I wasn't very clear, I meant prescription medicine rather than over the counter stuff.

  • No probs. Lol. It’s not over the counter stuff. I think we have discovered a chemist who will deliver. So my wife’s, daughters, sister in laws, mothers and father in laws medicines will likely come from the one chemist shop. Meaning I stay inside. Thanks

  • Kind of dredging this thread up a little but here goes.

    We are in a bit of a shitty situation as my partner wants to get back to the US to see her gran who sadly is dying (not corona related) we had planned to visit in Apr but that got canned.

    When looking on the gov website I don't think she'll have a problem as shes a US citizen however it says that UK citizens cannot travel. This is where it gets a little bit grey for me, can I simply not travel or will I be forced to quarentine once I visit? If its the latter I have no problem with that since we'll be staying with family in our own property anyhow.

    This might not even be the right place to be asking, sorry again for that I could do with some guidance.

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Staying away from loved ones

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